His House Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Sope Dirisu, Wunmi Mosaku, Matt Smith

Director: Remi Weekes

HIS HOUSE Movie Review
His House Movie Review: Riveting British Horror That Discomforts You With Ghosts Of Trauma!

What’s Good: Another Halloween treat that’s worth watching!

What’s Bad: Some of them might get confused.

Loo Break: Doesn’t require any unless you drank too much water during the day/night.

Watch or Not?: After a long time, an intriguing British horror has arrived. Do not miss it.


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Due to the tension and war in South Sudan, a lot of people try to take an escape from the city. Unfortunately, many lose their lives due to the bad weather and sea storm. The ones are survived, stay in an asylum, and one of them is a couple – Bol ( Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku). From the asylum, the couple is sent to England to make a fresh start. Mark (Matt Smith) works for the agency that helps the duo settle and show them their new big house.

Both Bol and Rial cannot believe they’ve been given such a big house. However, from the first night itself, it starts tormenting Bol. The house has ghostly creatures residing beneath the wall, which make it difficult for the couple to live. But the ghosts in there need something from them. What is it? Whose evil spirits are lurking in the house? You will have to watch the movie to know.

HIS HOUSE Movie Review
His House Movie Review: Riveting British Horror That Discomforts You With Ghosts Of Trauma!

His House Movie Review: Script Analysis

Felicity Evans and Toby Venables have written the story. The screenplay is by Remi Weekes. From the first scene itself, you sense the tension in the movie. As it proceeds ahead,  the tension grows with eerie set up in the house. Bol loves the new change and new life in England. When he’s out, he tries to adapt to the lifestyle and completely forgetting the past. However, Rial sees everything the way it is. Rial gets bullied for not ‘belonging’ there; and unlike her husband, she isn’t in denial of what has happened and what’s happening in the house. Every person has their ways of dealing with traumas. Bol was in denial and his wife let the pain and loss soak into her mind. This is another example of genius writing.

Remi is not only showing is us the struggle of the couple inside the haunted house, but also the characters within. The deadly spirits take each of them to their most painful memory and lure them into making everything fine. They live there and are confused if it’s real or fake; just like us. The execution of these scenes is outstanding, and it is one of the best writings of this year.

When it comes to writing that deals with imagination, not everyone gets it. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things was praised a lot, yet many kept wondering what was exactly happening throughout. So, this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

His House Movie Review: Star Performance

Sope Dirisu delivers a phenomenal performance. As Bol, he had to express a varied range of emotions. He’s terrified of everything, but he can’t afford to lose the new life and the house. When you think that he’s going to be selfish, he proves us wrong. Sope did a great job of portraying such a complex character.

Wunmi Mosaku is completely absorbed into Rial. Even when she has no dialogues, we can feel the tension and loss surrounding her.

Matt Smith has little screen presence. Apart from offering the couple the house to stay and later inspecting the same, he doesn’t offer much. I was hoping to see him also witness something spooky in the house.

HIS HOUSE Movie Review
His House Movie Review: Riveting British Horror That Discomforts You With Ghosts Of Trauma!

His House Movie Review: Direction, Music

When we see the house for the first time, our mind goes ‘it’s so dirty’. By night, you start feeling the creeps. Remi Weekes wasted no time in showing that the house is not normal. The shots of ghosts appearing behind Bol are scary. Sometimes, they do nothing. They just appear and disappear. It’s when you don’t expect, and they come out to petrify Bol.

My most favourite scene is when Bol and Rial are having dinner at the table. After having a small interaction, Bol eats his food, and there’s tension in the background music. However, we hear his plates and spoons clank, and as the scene zooms out, the house isn’t the same anymore. Cinematographer Jo Willems did a splendid job with the way he captured the story, characters’ lives, and fears on his camera.

The sound mixing by Adrian Bell is spooky enough to make you anxious at times. The song played during the end credits of this profound horror movie leaves a calming effect.

His House Movie Review: The Last Word

Overall, His House may have the usual concept of ‘New house, hello ghosts’, it impresses you with the way we’re told the story. The British horror is riveting with amazing direction, writing and performances. It is not extremely scary, but creepy enough to make your heart skip a beat once or twice.


Three and a half stars

His House Trailer

His House releases on 30th October, 2020.

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