Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Himesh Reshammiya, Sonia Mann

Director: Raka

Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Ranu Mondal Helped The Film More Than Himesh Reshammiya
Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Ranu Mondal Helped The Film More Than Himesh Reshammiya

What’s Good: It makes you respect Himesh Reshammiya the singer more than you did till now.

What’s Bad: It pretends to be what it’s not – ‘an intelligent rom-com’.

Loo Break: Only if you’re up & well while surviving through the film.

Watch or Not?: Even if someone forces me to watch this at a gunpoint, I’ll watch it because I love my life & I’m yet to see The Xpose 2.

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By the trailer we know we have two Himesh Reshammiyas to deal with named Happy & Hardy. As his name Happy is never sad, he’s an always delighted loser doing nothing in life apart from trying to convince Heer (Sonia Mann) to love him. Happy has been in love with Heer since he didn’t know there will be a movie made on his story.

Heer decides to move to London, but if you’re thinking Happy will settle down with a long-distance ‘friendship’ then you’re wrong. He does the next sensible option and moves to London with Heer along with his relatives. Heer likes losers but loves achievers and slams Happy for being good for nothing. She meets the hot-shot businessman Hardy and falls in love with him. Will Happy still be happy knowing Heer is with Hardy? Don’t watch to don’t know.

Happy Hardy and Heer Movie Review
Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Ranu Mondal Helped The Film More Than Himesh Reshammiya

Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Script Analysis

You know when did I know this will not end well? The first dialogue. Himesh starts narrating the film by saying, “Main aapka sutradhar HR…” and everything ended before even it could start. Never for a moment, the film seriously tries to take the script seriously. Everything’s just scattered!

There’s a scene in which Heer is getting over from a breakup & his family members dance holding toys around her. There are many such moments that surely make the film unintentionally funny. One such moment is when Himesh says, “Main bahut bura actor hoon” and 4-5 people who were watching the film laughed out loud at the irony.

Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Star Performance

As big a fan was I of Himesh Reshammiya years ago when he just used to sing, he’s just losing all the credibility by not giving up on the acting. He’s still bearable as Hardy because there’s nothing much to act in that role. But, as Happy, Himesh just crosses all the limits of over-the-top acting. After a point, it’s just embarrassing to see him taking so many efforts in the wrong direction.

Sonia Mann definitely has some shades of Kiara Advani in her but those are just restricted to the looks. She’s way too animated and crosses the line way too many times stepping into the caricature zone. She needs a whole lot of polishing in order to even land a meaningful supporting role.

Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: Direction, Music

It seems Raka is just Himesh Reshammiya in-disguise to direct a story that is moving nowhere. With many moving parts, the direction never goes beyond the scenic visuals of London. That too, most of them are shot using the help of Green screens.

With a dozen songs (or at least they seemed a lot), Himesh Reshammiya tries to cash on his lost glory. Even remaking Aashiqui Mein Teri, using the Aashiq Banaya Aapne tune never really helps this department. It at least should’ve been the case of ‘bad movie, good songs’ but it isn’t. More than the songs, it’s the background score that is even more problematic. Every character has a defined background tune, few of them are “Oye Happpppy Singh” & “Bhejjaaaa Fry Heeer.” When Hardy enters, the background score goes like, “double rollllllle” and I was like, “Shut the fu** uppppppppp.”

Happy Hardy And Heer Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Happy Hardy And Heer is just yet another Himesh Reshammiya film which hardly makes any sense about why it even exists. Not a single thing which helped me to recommend this film. Skip it with a smile!

One star!

Happy Hardy and Heer Trailer

Happy Hardy And Heer releases on 31 January 2020.

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