Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review Rating: 1.5/5 Stars (one and a half stars)

Star Cast: Jatin Goswami, Subrat Dutta, Samiksha Bhatnagar

Director: Naeem A. Siddiqui

Hey Ram Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review
Hey Ram Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review

What’s Good: The thinking behind making this film is pure. Subrat Dutta’s fine performance.

What’s Bad: The screenplay and narration lack the strength which this topic required.

Loo Break: Quite a few.

Watch or Not?: The genre of this film has limited appeal. If you’re from one of them, you can go ahead and watch.


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Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya is set in the year 1948 revolving around a family which is highly in debts. Kailash (Jatin Goswami) is not happy by the way Mahatma Gandhi has been helping Muslims to settle down with the partition. His disturbed past with his mother makes him realise what he’s missing in life.

Following this he takes his wife (Samiksha Bhatnagar) and daughter to his native place. During the train journey to his village he meets people with varied set of thinking. Most interesting from them is Divakar Tripathi (Subrat Dutta) who is a die-hard follower of Gandhi’s ideology. Rest of the story revolves around the incidents that happen during the journey.

Hey Ram Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review
Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review

Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Review: Script Analysis

The script is too lazily penned which results the proceedings to take a preachy route. Given the story is already fill with enough historic references, the script does no good to light down the moments. After a point of time it gets boring. What keeps the movie binded till the end is few decent performances by the cast.

The sequence of selling water labelling them as Hindu & Muslim are well shown but the buildup for it is too old-aged. Inclusion of a pretty lengthy song portraying the teachings on Lord Rama does a lot of damage in the pace. Some moments are too unrealistic and melodramatic to believe.

Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya Movie Review: Star Performance

Jatin Goswami is average as he goes over the top in many scenes. He is good at times but the story leaves no scope for him to perform at optimum. He succeeds in making us feel his hatred towards the Gandhian philosophy.

Subrat Dutta is the best performer of this film. He is subtle since his first frame and remains the same till the end. Though we wish he should have got a more nicely written character for this one. Samiksha Bhatnagar as the wife is good and accurately portrays what her character demands.

Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya Movie Review: Direction, Music

Naeem A. Siddiqui is innocent with the content he has tried to serve but fails in delivering it without glitches. A bit polished script and few good dialogues could’ve turned the fate of the movie. He has tried to explain a lot of things just through oral explanations in a train journey, which though is creative but loses the grip after a point.

Music, like every other thing, is also a weak point of the film. Raghupati Raghav theme pops out of nowhere towards the end which leaves a glitch. Background music is passable as nothing registers in your mind.

Hamne Gandhi Ko Maar Diya Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, this movie drives only on the thought for which it has been made. It falls short in rest all of the categories. Watch it only if you’re curious to after hearing its title.

One and a half stars!

Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie Trailer

Hey Ram Hamne Gandhi Ko maar Diya Movie releases on 02nd March, 2018.


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