Guddu Ki Gun Movie Poster
Guddu Ki Gun Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Kunal Kemmu, Payel Sarkar

Director: Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber

What’s Good: In spite of being the silliest film, Guddu Ki Gun actually makes you laugh. Kunal Kemmu and Sumit Vyas will leave you in splits with their comic timing.

What’s Bad: When it comes to using logic, obviously the film fails. If only, the film had songs which were watchable, it could have been a relief.

Loo Break: Yes! The songs.

Watch or Not?: If you are comfortable watching adult comedies, this one could entertain you because it actually has comedy. For a change, the baton of sex-related humor moves to the gents and hence it is quite a novelty in Bollywood.

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Guddu (Kunal Kemmu) is washing powder salesman in Kolkata. Originally from Bihar, Guddu seems to be having a way with the ladies as he woos them and is popular amongst the housewives of Kolkata with whom he is intimately involved.

While Guddu is happy being the pleasure provider for these ladies, he cheats on one of the girls who has fallen in love with him and is forced to pay a price for his act. The girl curses him in an unexpected way which leads to Guddu’s genitals turning into gold. Well, as silly as it sounds, Guddu has a golden gun.

Naturally, Guddu pursues the young woman to take her wish back and get him to ‘normal’ but in order for that to happen, Guddu has to meet the true love of his life. In the meanwhile, as the news of his golden gun spreads the city, he is being chased by a reporter who wants his big story and two husbands whose wives Guddu slept with, seeking the gold for money.

In this fiasco, will Guddu meet the love of his life and learn to live the loyal way is what the film is about.

Payel Sarkar and Kunal Kemmu in a still from movie 'Guddu Ki Gun'
Payel Sarkar and Kunal Kemmu in a still from movie ‘Guddu Ki Gun’

Guddu Ki Gun Review: Script Analysis

The story is probably one of the silliest things you will read or watch. What works for the film is it’s lead characters Guddu and Laddu (Sumit Vyas) whose limit of stupidity is on another level. The situational comedy also has dialogues that will make you chuckle. It is the absurdity of the situation that favors it’s premiss, making it funny.

It would be a crime to get into logic as then, the entire film stands wrong. What could have been bettered was not getting into the cliched double meaning names. The sexologist that Kunal Kemmu visits has a rather vulgar name. Also he has an assistant nurse who is a South Indian and says she cannot go wrong in recognizing Gold since she is from South. Lame! Comedy on the basis of stereotypes is the last thing that will make you laugh.

There is a Mughal-e-Azam scene towards the end that has a lot of resemblance to the famed Mahabharat scene that was apart of cult comedy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, of course it comes no where close to it, yet is funny in parts.

The humor is cheeky but manages to spare itself from coming off as vulgar or cheap.

Guddu Ki Gun Review: Star Performance

Kunal Kemmu is a complete entertainer in this film. We are reminded of his super funny act in Go Goa Gone and it is great to see him apply his comic timing once again. His Bihari accent is superb and kudos to him for taking a film that is a comedy on the symbol of manhood.

Sumit Vyas may call himself a ‘side hero’ in the film but well, he comes across like the parallel lead. He nails Laddu’s character and will leave you in splits with his act.

The supporting cast includes Payal Sarkar, Aparna Sharma, Flora Saini, Brijedra Kala, Jameel Khan. None of them really stand -out when it comes to the performances.

Guddu Ki Gun Review: Music, Direction

Director duo Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chhibber try to bring something new to the adult comedy genre with Guddu Ki Gun. Their concept is novel shift the sexual advances from women to men. The only intention with which the film seems to be made is to make the audiences laugh, hence the makers have paid little attention to how the screenplay goes. Editing too is quite shoddy.

Music of the film is a complete downer. The songs are extremely unnecessary and in fact pushed into the plot without much thinking. Ding Dong becomes impossible to watch with the amount of skin show that it has. Unknowingly, Guddu Ki Gun also throws a social message of beauty is only skin deep at you.

Overall, the film is not a must-watch or showing any sort of cinematic brilliance, it is a shot in the dark and only when certain jokes hit the bulls eye will you laugh.

Guddu Ki Gun Review: The Last Word

Guddu Ki Gun is laughable in parts only if you promise to apply no brains all through it. I am going with a 2.5/5 for this adult comedy.

Guddu Ki Gun Trailer

Guddu Ki Gun releases on 2nd October, 2015.

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