Among the scenes and sequences which stand out for their comic content are the finger scenes with Gopal; the tavaa scene before interval; the telephone conversation between Vasooli (Mukesh Tiwari) and police inspector Dhande (Murali Sharma); the scene in which Daboo mouths the choicest four-letter words which are incomprehensible; some scenes of Pappi talking unrelated things after his memory problems surface at irregular intervals and also the scene in which his hands get stuck to the motorboat and the mayhem that follows; the scene in which Facebook, the dog, goes after the piece of bone hidden in the back pocket of Pritam’s shorts, Pappi’s sidekick (Sanjay Mishra) always spelling English words wrongly. There is one sequence in which the five young men, thrown together in the same house, give vent to their frustration in sign language. While this sequence is brilliantly conceived, executed and enacted and will be enjoyed by young boys, it will either not be understood by the older generation and the ladies or, if comprehended, may end up repulsing them for its obscene (though funny) connotation.

'Golmaal 3 Review' By Komal Nahta ('Golmaal 3' Movie Still)

As against the aforementioned funny sequences, there are other scenes which try to tickle the funny bone but don’t succeed – sometimes, because the fun element isn’t upto the mark and, at other times, because the comedy lacks novelty or freshness. The post-interval portion, especially, has very lengthy scenes which lack in impact. The chase and action sequences, in particular bore the viewer after a point of time. Climax should’ve been far more impactful. Dialogues (by Farhad-Sajid and Bunty Rathore are witty and funny but they do look forced at times. Nevertheless, dialogues are better than the screenplay!..

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Mithun Chakraborty has his moments of comedy, in which he entertains the viewer. Ajay Devgan gets into the skin of his typical character and comes out a winner. He looks dashing with his very short hair, fantastic physique and stubble. He has great screen presence in the film. Kareena Kapoor is splendid. She has a dream role and is actually the biggest hero of the film. She plays the tomboyish character with such aplomb that she will instantly endear herself to the audience. Arshad Warsi has some very fine lines to mouth. He performs very well. Tusshar Kapoor does his talking-disability act as wonderfully as he did in the earlier two films, Golmaal and Golmaal Returns. Shreyas Talpade’s stammering act is cute but lacks novelty. He stands out in the silent scene between the five men. Kunal Kemu makes a nice impression; he has very nice and funny lines (revealing his character’s awful sense of humour) to mouth. The guy has lovely comic timing and has the ability to deliver. Ratna Pathak Shah is natural but the audience would’ve loved to see her doing comedy. Johny Lever is first-rate. His acting is terrific. Sanjay Mishra gets limited scope but is good all the same. Vrajesh Hirjee gets even lesser scope; he is okay. Ashwini Kalsekar has been wasted. Murali Sharma has his moments. Mukesh Tiwari also does a fine job. Vijay Patkar provides able support. Prem Chopra stands out in a special appearance. Jennifer Mayani and Parag Desai lend the desired support.

'Golmaal 3 Review' By Komal Nahta ('Golmaal 3' Movie Still)

Rohit Shetty’s direction in Golmaal 3 is good but he should not have attempted mixing emotions and crazy comedy. Pritam Chakraborty’s music is average and the need of hit songs is sorely felt. The ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Aale re’ songs are alright. Song picturisations (Chinni Prakash, Ganesh Acharya, Rajiv Surti and Seema Desai) are eye-filling but not outstanding. Kumaar’s lyrics are okay. Cinematography (Dudley) is good. Jai Singh Nijjar’s action is of the mass-appealing variety. Sanjay Chowdhury’s background music could’ve been better. Sets (Narendra Rahurikar) are alright. Editing (Steven H. Bernard) needed to be sharper. Production values are grand.

On the whole, Golmaal 3 is an average fare. Although there are some hilarious sequences, the lack of an engaging story and the mismatch of comedy and sentiments in the drama will come in the way of its long run. Collections will drop after the initial euphoria dies down and the festive period and encashment of the Golmaal brand are done with.

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