Ghayal Once Again Movie Poster
Ghayal Once Again Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Sunny Deol, Soha Ali Khan, Om Puri, Tisca Chopra, Narendra Jha

Director: Sunny Deol

What’s Good: Ghayal sequel takes off from exactly where it let off. The flashbacks work well for connectivity. Action sequences are the soul of this film.

What’s Bad: Ajay Mehra is not as powerful as he was back then. His character lacks the aggression. It seems like the villain is a hero in this film. A tighter script would have worked well.

Loo Break: First half could be a better time!

Watch or Not?: If you are a big fan of Ghayal then let me warn you this is no where close to it. Unless you have nothing to do this weekend, watching Ghayal Once Again could be an option.

User Rating:

Ajay Mehra who was sentenced to a prison term for killing Balwantrai and his men in 1990 has served his jail term and owns a news channel named Satyakam now.

His nemesis Raj Bansal is now a big deal in Mumbai. He is the second Balwantrai who has political control. Raj has a druggie son Kabir whose anger and arrogance knows no bounds. In a fit of rage, Kabir kills a man and the evidence of this crime is captured in a video accidentally by four college students Zoya, Varun, Rohan, Anushka.

Will Ajay Mehra, who is the last hope of these four kids, save them from Bansal’s game of violence and power?

Sunny Deol in a still from movie 'Ghayal Once Again'
Sunny Deol in a still from movie ‘Ghayal Once Again’

Ghayal Once Again Review: Script Analysis

Ghayal Once Again comes no where close to the original. We know it is not the 90s anymore but the least that we could have asked for in this sequel was a few good punchlines. Sadly, the film borrows only two characters Ajay Mehra and Joe D’Souza (Om Puri) and somehow both are not enough to save this film. The problem with the film is that it is trying to say too much but show too less. Apparently, the makers wanted to send across a message of women safety but well, it certainly didn’t look that way. A bunch of kids being tracked down at a mall by Bansal’s men, who hit them ruthlessly and the police don’t even intervene was kind of too hard to digest. Showing a man powerful is one thing but him controlling everything so openly is not justified. Also, whatever happened to the good old villain vs hero confrontation scenes, these skype meetings don’t have the desired effect.

Sadly, Ajay’s character too seems quite ‘thanda’ this time. We don’t see him going berserk, yelling at the top of his voice, challenging his opponents. In fact, in this story, it looks like Mehra is one step behind right from the start.

The story truly takes pace towards the end of the first half which is the chase sequence between Bansal’s men and the kids but post that it again goes into a slump.

Bansal’s security men are foreign mercenaries and they talk in weird accents. At one point, the hitman Troy even has a dialogue “Now I am going to kill you”. You can do nothing but laugh at the addition of such an element in the film. Now that’s smart dialogue writing!

The only powerful dialogue that Mehra cracks with a lot of intensity is “Agar hum sach ke saath hai toh jeetne tak haar nai maanni chahiye.”

P.S: Await an emotional twist towards the end!

Ghayal Once Again Review: Star Performance

Sunny Deol returns as Ajay Mehra after 25 years and well, he is not exactly the same. He is brilliant in the action scenes but the emotional ones are a complete turn off. Somehow there is a lot of emotional turmoil in Mehra’s character in this film and that does not suit Sunny much.

Soha Ali Khan plays Mehra’s psychiatrist and she churns out an average performance.

Narendra Jha plays the antagonist Raj Bansal and it is sad to see that a villain’s character is stripped down to just giving instructions to people, yelling around, making it a complete bore.

Tisca Chopra plays Bansal’s wife and she hardly has anything to contribute in that role.

The four newbies do a good job of playing idealistic college students.

Ghayal Once Again Review: Music, Direction

Sunny Deol has handled two main departments of this film, acting and direction. While the main aim of the film remains to make it for the contemporary times, there is addition of characters such as young hackers and teenage drug scenes. There is enough discontinuity in the screenplay and hence certain sub-plots lose track.

The car chase sequences have been shot well. Also the action sequence on the train where Ajay single-handedly fights with Bansal’s men has been captured smoothly.

I have a problem with the background score of the film, which is quite similar to Dark Knight Rises. It keeps creating the illusion that something gripping is about to happen and unfortunately nothing actually does. Lapak Jhapak comes at the very start and makes up for the only peppy element in the film.

Ghayal Once Again Review: The Last Word

Ajay Mehra has mellowed down and is mature now.  If you wanted to watch him thrash men with his ‘Dhaai Kilo Ka Haat ‘ and scream ‘Balwantrai ke kutton’ get set for disappointment. A 2/5 it is.

Ghayal Once Again Trailer

Ghayal Once Again releases on 5th February, 2016.

Share with us your experience of watching Ghayal Once Again.


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  1. Thank you for your opinion. I was rather looking for a honest review and you failed. Mr. Deol has told in almost all the interviews that now Ajay Mehra’s character has been matured and has mellowed down because of the lot he has gone through in his life and you are making that a weak point of the movie. You must be kidding: when he yells in the movie you guys say that he is yelling and when he is not then you he is not yelling. What is he suppose to do.
    Why don’t you write a right script for him???
    Try it who knows you might succeed!!!

    • That’s what my question is why the critics don’t suggest a proper story for the directors when the movie is being produced.

    • Good reply Rajaji. These critics see the movie only from the point of view of observing mistakes and comparisons. There are n number of movies with most silly mistakes in the screenplay and script which have made crores of business in bollywood but given thumbs up by critics. But when it comes to movies of Deols, the critics see fromantic the view point of bringing it down. We need people like you who stand against critics and make the movie a Hit and this only would be the befitting reply to them.

  2. Its really good movie…Why Mr. Komal Nahta got a negative review of this movie..”Ghayal Once Again’…Gr8 Action Scenes by Sunny ..Movie in the first half is slightly slow..but when it pick up pace …really watchable…Best action & presentation from Sunny at this Age Group…&…good acting support from Soha Ali & the Young four youth…Really watchable…3-1/2 stars at least…!!

    • Bhai, Its surabhi redkar not komal nahta.
      Khair koi bhi ho… Sunny paaji ki movie badhiya hai… Par ye review bakwas hai

  3. Its a beautiful film I enjoy a lot …I love the acting from all the character beautifully expressed with lot of action.

  4. Nobody(Anti-Punjabi’s Media or Anti-Punjabi’s People) wants that the film will hit at the box office. If Salman, aamir, shahrukh, amitabh, or any other actor get the lead role in the place of Sunny Deol character. So, media will say Great movie.

  5. ye sale ch**** srk ki dilwale ko 4/5 star date hai or ek sunny deoal ki achhi movie ayi to 2star kitne paise mile hai koimoi walo ko jo ghayal once agen ka bura review dene ka.. sale khud to kuch bana apne liye fir riiviwe dene ka …kamine

  6. hahaha, Don’t know who appointed you as reviewer. Do you have any sense how to review a movie? I am not sure you have watched its PART 1 Ghayal or may be you born in that year. It’s a super movie and much much better than your so called 100 Crore Club Crap Movies.

  7. OMG!…Those like this movie, I would like to say for them” They all are hard die fan of sunny paaji”..

    Otherwise movie is” Dabba hai movie dabba sunny paaji ki movie dabba”.

    First half is ok.. and second part is worst..and weakest point of this movie is direction..

  8. I can’t believe it.. who cares about these critics? they all do good reviews after get paid good amount. so mr. deol believes in truth and not pay for reviewing a movie and results from such Reviewers are here… They give such false reviews. Please do not follow this review. just go and watch the movie in theater. you will enjoy it.. its really best movie.

  9. Bakvaas review. Sabit hota h Ki ye log bina paisa liye right review likh hi nhi sakte. Beeke hue log…..Great movie h Ghayal once again. Collection jhooth nhi bolta.

  10. SRK ki bkwas movie ka review bhi top ka lekhte h yeh they get commission from him .khan ki bekar movie bechne bethe hai yeh log ,so dont worry go and watch movie ghayal once again.

  11. This is best action movie after very long period.I think koimoi reviewers take money from producer to review there film and sunny pa ji must have refuced to give them money.
    These reviews gives five stars to bogas movies like dilwale.
    Don’t trust them.

  12. Mr Koi Nahata is most biased person. He never give honest review for who are not his favourite. He give a good response for bakwas movies by Salman and SRk like Dilwale , Perm ratan dhan payo etc.

    Please don’t believe his reviews.

  13. The interesting part of this site is latest gossips and box office…. worst thing is review……pata nahi kaun itne ghatiya review deta hai……pk and bb 3.5 then 5 kids movie ko doge aap

  14. this movie is grt..sometimes you should tag your negativity at your bathroom nob..I enjoyed thoroughly..go for it guys

  15. Great movie. Actions are amazing. If movies like singhum, bodyguard, dabbang with disgusting scripts are becoming super-hit. Why not ghayal once again. It is far better than these movies with a good story and action.

  16. koimoi can only give 4/5 stars to the crap movies khans make….but dont worry koimoi, we the people of India have the power to make a film hit or flop even wen u give no ratings to a movie. In the past your reviews have failed n once again ur biased review will fail….regards

  17. Very well made movie. Sunny is brilliant as usual. Soha adds to the value of the film. Despite critics despise for Deol clan Ghayal Once Again is sure to be a winner and become a classic cult movie.

  18. Movie is gripping and entertaining. Don’t compare with its preque as it is a different story. Worth watching. I watched it in New Zealand and 11 years kids also enjoyed the movie.

  19. Guys, I Agree This is one for the best movie,, I enjoyed it. And also Agree that please give a proper review, few ppl read your review and take it, Its one of the top 10 of Sunny Deol’s movies. Guys Go and Watch the Movie.. Please Don’t Try to make PR with Big Actors and give negative comment for this movie

  20. “Ghayal once again”at best is an average because of its poor second half.The first half(or at least the part before intermission)was very good,but the film began to go downhill after the intermission.Strangely enough Sunny Deol did not give himself a strong role in his own production for him to show his mettle as a very fine actor which he is.Instead he looked very tired and very old in one of his weakest performances ever,if not his weakest.His direction/screenplay in the first half was spot on but in the second half he played the part of “Mr.Indestructible” and showed some unbelievable sequences which I feel insulted the audience’s intelligence.This sequel definitely lacked the intensity,story,fine acting that were very much there in the original which was a classic! All in all Sunny Deol and his movie,together were a massive disappointment.I was hoping for it to be another classic but sadly after waiting for 26 years we got an average movie.

  21. बहुत अच्छी है । डायरेक्शन अच्छी है । मेहनत की गई है । mindless एक्शन नहीं है जैसा आजकल चल रहा है ।क्रिटिक्स तो पूर्वाग्रह से ग्रसित हैं । गजनी जैसी फ़िल्म में उनको लोजिक नज़र आ जाता है जहाँ विलेन के गुण्डों के पास सारी फ़िल्म में हथियार थे पर अंत में खली हाथ होते हैं जैसे हथियार किराये पर दे दिए हों ।
    इसलिए कभी इनकी राय पर फ़िल्म देखने या न देखने का निर्णय नहीं बनाना चाहिए ।
    वास्तव में यह एक ईमानदार और इज्जतदार फ़िल्म है जिसे परिवार के साथ देखने जाये । यही देओलस की पहचान है

  22. Dis movi have something special. Great story,nice action,we watch dis with famli,the most seen are hapn frst tym in indian cinema. Very nice location, must watch. ……

  23. Biased / partial critics.. I saw the movie ..And I would raye it 3.5 stars.

    shame on the critics who encourage the bakwas movies but cant appreciate or atleast accept the good movies.

    Really shameful act by critics..

  24. ghayal once again is a very quality movie what u expect from a 59years old actor what can he do he cant move fast selective action low quality climax low quality drama&action believe me nothing is excellent in the movie sunny deol never wanna say that i m old but insidely gold but he never say that what expect from him he cant provides. thanks.khan

  25. I have seen the movie and I find it a nice one, as an audience I dont want to see sunny’s yelling at all.
    And story of the film justify the same. I always look for the movie reviews from your site but it seems I need to find another source.

    My Findings where film would have done better —
    1) Jumping from One local train to another
    2) VFX scene related to helicopter shots
    3) And in the end — “Now we will kill you with our bare hands”, this doesnt sell anymore.

    Overall a very good movie with the message. Rating should be corrected from 2 to 3.5 out of 5.

  26. Ultimate movie, waiting for GHAYAL 3 Sunny sir. Such a biased and dishonest review. I don’t know why they are doing this job.

  27. Definetly a must watch, sunny and team kudos to you…no dragging storyline…good script and all round performances…realistic fight sequences…dont miss it

  28. it is great movie , reviews from koimio is rubbish , koimoi sucks salman sharkuh only they give him money to give good review , great movie good lesson ,

  29. Surabhi ji aap mujhe y batoa 5 star wali ? konsi hoti h aapne pichle ek saal m har ? ko kharab review diye h…….. L

  30. As An Actor, Writer, Director Sunny Deol ne kamaal kar diya hai, Film ki Safalta se iska pata chalta hai, Rahi baat Review Dharam Ji ho Ya Sunny ye review wale jitne pnts dete hain, usme 5 add kar le.
    is tarah yahan 5 me GHAYAL KO 7 pnts milte hain…Sunny Bhai Superb

  31. There have no requirement of these type of bakwaas reveiw of Koimoi..for such type of action film..Ghayal once again is an entertaining movie with Hollywood action quality.

  32. Its really ridiculous by seeing the biased ratings by the writer… User review is 4.7 , i.e. close to 5 but how come the writer given 2*? If you see Sahrukh’s rotten movies, its 5* by the writers and 1* by users…

    God show some mercy to theses biased guys…

  33. This is a nice movie, super movie.
    Sunny deol is back with action…..
    Its a great movie, i think some peoples born to make only action movies.. and that is sunny deol .
    Dont forget…. sayying is easy but work like sunny in movies is hard….

  34. Every thing issgood in movei…..But length…iss too short … & if there iss love romance in it ..N ..a ..more character Iss…..A plus point …N songs….It would be big…. Hit but any way . Nice movei lot off feelings of love with family ..nice action Sum thing neww 5/4 rating good ?✅?

  35. How can you say like that? What an amazing movie by Sunny deol. Go and give best review for HNY, Tamasha or some other movies. Now, I can’t trust on koimoi, as you have not an idea how to write a review or suggest to people to watch a movie. Always sunny has speaks about his charactor, how he is in the film and rest of all the charactor. We need movies of Sunny deol. We love sunny paji.

  36. Ghayal Once again collections are 36.65 in this site but in other sites it says the movie has crossed 50cr excluding overseas collections

  37. Hi… I am from Indonesia, I have watched this Film and i really like the action scene… SUNNY DEOL is ROCK as a Director and Actor… really amazing FILM, and i think if producer give more budget for Mr. DEOL he will back again with other Blockbuster…. i’m Waiting for this Franchise Sequel…

  38. Ms Redkar… Jaanta sab jaanti hain! You are a realky bad reviewer. Koimoi is going down nowdays…flop show. we need honest review..Movie was good..3 stars.

  39. Can’t trust koimoi review by Redkar…not a honest review. Movie was excellent.. 3 stars. Koimoi going down… Janata sab jaanti hain…so be real.


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