Gatham Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Rakesh Galebhe, Poojitha Kuraparthi, Bhargava Poludasu, and ensemble.

Director: Kiran Konsamadugula

Gatham Movie Review
Gatham Movie Still

What’s Good: Rakesh Galebhe trying hard to make this journey less bumpy.

What’s Bad: The fact that this one released just after Nishabdham and resembles it so much. Plus why are the filmmakers so excited to set their stories in the US for no reason at all?

Loo Break: Drink plenty of water before this one, even if you don’t want to take a break you will have to, and that will be your rescue.

Watch or Not?: I have no problem with thrillers or the suspension of disbelief that comes with it, but don’t consider me a beginner and feed me the age old staple stale content. You can skip this one.


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Rishi (Rakesh Galebhe) who has recently met with an accident and lost his memory, is going to meet his father with girlfriend Adithi. Their car breaks down mid-way, and a stranger helps them. It turns out this isn’t just a stranger helping them but a spooky man trying to house arrest them. Fresh!

Gatham Movie Review
Stills From Gatham

Gatham Movie Review: Script Analysis

How many times are we going to recycle the same material? Will be my very first question to the whole team. The noir where death takes place, and the premise is full of suspense done to death.

There isn’t a problem in using the same blueprint; the problem begins when you start using similar storylines. One where the victim becomes the culprit, a story that ends in the forest. A suspense that is created around an abandoned house. Everything is the same.

What Gatham gets nicely is the proper use of non linear storytelling. While there are a lot of questions till the intermission, it does give chills and thrills in instalment through the second half.

But what overshadows this is the predictability and some bad decisions. When the protagonist has a gun in his hands pointed towards the villain, why not immediately shoot him? Our hero here begins counting till 10, are we serious? Gatham gets funny at such points.

Gatham Movie Review: Star Performance

I have to say this, Rakesh Galebhe has put in his heart in the film to crack the character and the limited playground he gets. Now the character he gets to play is quite a caricature, but the actor does find a silver lining in it too.

All others just play different version of people we have seen in many films and leave minimum to no effect on us.

Gatham Movie Review: Direction, Music

Kiran, who is the writer and director both, thought of an ambitious tale while he directed Gatham. It is quite visible with his approach to the story. But the writer Kiran did betray the director Kiran in many ways

The BGM creates a good impact initially but turns into spoon feeding instantly. The visuals are beautiful but again, not new to be fascinated by them.

Gatham Movie Review: The Last Word

This is one of my shortest reviews. Not because I don’t have much to say, because I have already said that in the past. Be it Nishabdham, or Keerthy Suresh’s Penguin and Gatham you will see the same story unwinding again and again. We need to put this blueprint somewhere we don’t find it for at least the coming two decades.

Gatham Trailer

Gatham releases on 6th November, 2019.


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