Death Wish Movie Review Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two stars)

Star Cast: Bruce Willis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Camila Morrone, Dean Norris

Director: Eli Roth

Death Wish Movie Review
Death Wish Movie Review

What’s Good: I was the only person in the entire theater, first for me, even Bhumi & Ranchi Diaries had few couples fooling around. On a serious note, nothing was fresh or new or good (Got you!).

What’s Bad: Why Hollywood takes the route which has been explored in a 100 better ways before and why actors such as Bruce Willis and Dean Norris decide to be a part of it? Also, this is the first Hollywood movie I’ve watched after my Oscar marathon, so that’s worst.

Loo Break: That’s the magic of this movie, you can leave the hall anytime you want whenever you come back you can watch the movie and predict the story.

Watch or Not?: Watch only if you haven’t seen the original Death Wish, John Wick or thousands of take-revenge-for-family dramas before.


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The movie starts with chattering happening on the radio about how the street crime is on its high in Chicago. Paul Cersey (Bruce Willis), who is a dedicated trauma surgeon, is a loving husband and caring father. Until in the very next scene, his wife gets killed and daughter is severely injured slipping into coma. This is where Paul decides to take the cliched vigilante route trying to take the revenge.

Being known as the Grim Reaper or hoodie guy, Paul takes on every street crime happening around. Without revealing his identity he does what the Chicago Police fails to do. Not even detective like Raina (Dean Norris) roams around clueless dropping in only when Paul is done with his killings. The rest of the story is all about this one guy taking revenge for the murderers of his wife and in between doing some social work for the city.

Death Wish Movie Review
Death Wish Movie Review

Death Wish Movie Review: Script Analysis

Joe Carnahan had the easiest job to pen this one, he had nothing to do just copy the homework of a sincere student in the class. From having the similarities storyline to pointing a handgun with his fingers, in the end, Death Wish is hugely inspired by its predecessor. The narrations gets so tedious at times, you feel you’re watching something you’ve already watched before.

Following the similar ‘vigilante’ template of “If a man has to save what’s his, he has to do homeless” – this movie has nothing new to offer. What this movie also lacks is style! Usually, such stories have the swag which helps them even if they’re weak on paper. The productions values of the film are pinchbeck. Even the presence of someone like Bruce does not make it as a reason to watch this film.

Death Wish Movie Review: Star Performance

Bruce Willis is good when he’s not emotionally blank. Though he is not even close to what Bronson delivered as Kersey in 1974. He fails to emote the rage which was the most requires element in a story such as this.

Vincent D’Onofrio who has played Bruce’s brother in the film is just for the sake of the script, same as Breaking Bad’s Hank Dean Norris who plays Detective Rains. Mother Elisabeth Shue and daughter Camila Morrone perform their act well. Though which such renowned names, Eli Roth (Director) fails to extract the best out of them.

Death Wish Movie Review: Direction, Music

Apart from the story, another culprit for the film’s status is Eli Roth. He just never overcomes from the mediocrity and stays below average throughout the film. There are a couple of scenes which come as a silver lining but that’s about it. There’s not much to take away from the film.

Music is by Ludwig Göransson, who recently delivered one of his best works in Black Panther. Here it seems he also suffers from the issue of being average like everyone. There was a scope of delivering yet another musical performance in this one, but the opportunity has been missed by Ludwig.

Death Wish Movie Review: The Last Word

All said & done, Death Wish is the same old wine served in the same old bottle. If you’ve to watch this because of Bruce Willis, watch it at your own risk because he’s doing something many have already mastered it.

Two stars!

Death Wish Movie Trailer

Death Wish Movie releases on 02nd March, 2018.


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