Arjun Patiala Movie Review Rating: 1/5 Stars (One star)

Star Cast: Sadly Diljit Dosanjh, the fearless actor Varun Sharma (Never fears for getting stereotyped), Kriti saNOn, a cameo of Pankaj Tripathi to attract Mirzapur’s audience (show, not the city), a cameo of Sunny Leone to attract Mirzapur’s audience (this time, it’s the city)

Director: Rohit Jugraj

 Arjun Patiala Movie Review: It's A 'Poor Spoof' Of A Spoof!
Arjun Patiala Movie Review: It’s A ‘Poor Spoof’ Of A Spoof!

What’s Good: The Iced coffee I had after watching the film!

What’s Bad: The iced coffee I had after watching the film! (Yeah, it was worse than the film)

Loo Break: Loo break will not be able to do justice to this crap-fest!

Watch or Not?: Are you stoned? Are you high? Even then, go and watch ANYTHING else but this (On a serious note, choose between Judgementall Hai Kya or Dear Comrade)

User Rating:

I’ll try to explain what the story is about after I gather my senses and I understand what it was all about. So, in the start, we have a writer/director selling his story to a producer (Pankaj Tripathi). You know what’s the irony, the producer says he’s been backing movies for last 30 years without reading any script (was he inspired by real-life?). The story starts with Arjun Patiala winning a Judo Championship to get a posting in the Punjab Police.

He gets the job in Firozpur with Onidda (Varun Sharma) being his assistant. Arjun meets Ritu (Kriti Sanon) and falls in love with her. In order to make Firozpur a crime-free-district, Arjun does something illegal which turns Ritu off. How will he make up to her? Do you really want to listen ahead? Don’t watch it to not know!

Arjun Patiala Movie Review
Arjun Patiala Movie Review: It’s A ‘Poor Spoof’ Of A Spoof!

Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Script Analysis

Can we please leave this blank for once? THERE I’M DOING IT!

Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Star Performance

Diljit Dosanjh tries too hard with his cuteness to handle the sunken ship. Unfortunately, nothing’s enough for the mess created by every department of the film. Varun Sharma is monotonous, nothing new. Though he gets few of the funny situations but as said nothing’s enough.

Kriti Sanon adds nothing of value to the valueless script. She has an out-of-the-blue emotional scene which makes no sense, though she’s good in it. Pankaj Tripathi, Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub, Pankaj Tripathi, Abishek Banerjee, TVF’s Biswapati Sarkar and half a dozen of other actors are as wasted and dragged as this sentence.

Arjun Patiala Movie Review: Direction, Music

Rohit Jugraj’s direction is a mess! He has directed some good Punjabi movies (from what I’ve heard, don’t correct me if I’m wrong) but here everything is just inferior. From the poor production values to almost everything, nothing works in favour of the director.

Apart from the hook-line of Main Deewana Tera, I don’t remember a single line from a single song. They’ve tried to fuse in the background score with the ‘spoofy’ feel of the film but fail miserably.

Arjun Patiala Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, my words will not be enough to measure the torture I’ve been through while watching the film. I had to do this because it was my job, but you have an option to save yourself!

One star!

Arjun Patiala Trailer

Arjun Patiala releases on 26th July, 2019.


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