Aquaman Movie Review Quicker: The story starts with Arthur Curry aka Aquaman narrating his story and making is understand where everything started. Arthur’s mother Atlanna – the queen of Atlantis meets Tom, a normal human being and Arthur is a product of this cross-world experiment.

As he grows he learns about his mother and things which get him back to the sea for claiming his throne. He doesn’t want to be a king but his brother Orm provokess him to call for a challenge.

Aquaman Movie Review Quicker: Jason Momoa Submerges You In A Grand Underwater Delight!
Aquaman Movie Review Quicker: Jason Momoa Submerges You In A Grand Underwater Delight!

The underwater sequences are a delight till interval. The fights are smoothly choreographed and finally DC adds touch of a wit along with some serious style. After a very long time, this cinematic universe gets someone who, in a way, is born to do a certain role – Jason Momoa will always remain as the Aquaman and it’ll be very tough to see anyone else apart from him.


The social message, till now, has a limited impact and the makers haven’t gone over the board with it. There’s a subtle touch of it & thankfully isn’t in the preachy zone. Everything’s entertaining & looks grand. The movie runs through a tight pace without any noticeable drag.

Momoa’s character fights against the Orm to save the planet and he himself in a recent interview had very interesting things to say about this. He said, “Arthur doesn’t care if he is king, he just doesn’t want Orm to hurt the surface. Orm is all about uniting the seven kingdoms and taking over the whole world. So, Arthur finally sees that he has to stop him and the only way to do that is embark on this huge crusade, this epic road trip. That is the cool part because it has this ‘romancing the stone’ kind of vibe, which I really loved.”

In the film, Momoa essays Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, with character duality.


Also featuring actress Amber Heard, Aquaman will hit the screens in India on December 14, a week ahead of its release in the US by Warner Bros.




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