Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and a half stars)

Star Cast: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife, Stephen Blackehart, Steve Coulter, Samara Lee, Paul Dean

Director: Gary Dauberman

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review
Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: Good Thrills, Daunting Setup But An Age-Old Story!

What’s Good: Levels up the nightmare set by the previous instalment, well-balanced humour unlike the last time

What’s Bad: The age-old format of horror movies! Hollywood, please change it?

Loo Break: It’s just 106 minutes, not a need of one!

Watch or Not?: If you have been a fan of the franchise, go for it!


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As the title suggests, the movie brings back your-usual scary doll Annabelle home. Set in 1971, our usual demonologists Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), collect the doll from two nurses and bring her home. According to them, they should ‘take good care of her’, else she might turn into a demon. Hence, they preserve her in a sacred box made of ‘glass’ (Who, even, thinks this?). A year later, we see Marry Allen (Madison Iseman) babysitting Warren’s daughter Judy (Mckenna Grace) at their house.

After the usual ‘babysitting’ angle, we are introduced to ‘a friend who’s interested in ghosts’ (can we ask for anything more original?). This lady Daniela (Katie Sarife) is looking out for her dead father because she wants to apologise him. So, she thinks it’ll be a good idea to just sneak in through Warren’s ‘room of creepy and haunted toys’, and wait for her father to return back from the dead. All of this happens, Daniela gets stuck into the haunted room and Judy, Mary Allen are trapped in other rooms; makers get some opportunities to put in the sudden scares – THE END.

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review
Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: Good Thrills, Daunting Setup But An Age-Old Story!

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: Script Analysis

Gary Dauberman has been penning the stories for Annabelle series & few horror movies like It & The Nun, this is the first feature he’s directing. He gets few chills right but many of the wrong. The whole idea of Hollywood’s horror film is losing its charm since the last few years. The only movie that got genuine screams from me was 2017’s It. The creaky doors in a haunted house with supernatural entities doing their job, expecting us to get scared – can we please have something new?

Too many coincidences spoil the thrills that are built by some daunting setup of the scenes. A very relatable connect with ‘Sherlock Holmes’ we see a typewriter continuously typing ‘Miss Me?’  by itself. Gary, along with script also formats the screenplay which sets the mood correct for the film.

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: Star Performance

The entire movie is set on the shoulders of the three ladies – McKenna Grace, Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife. McKenna touches the mark with her mysterious performance. Along with being a sweet, little girl, she carries the baffling look very well. Madison is also accurate with her portrayal of Marry Allen (Though I still don’t know, why everyone addressed her with her full name)

Katie Sarife as Daniela is cute in the scenes that don’t include anything scary. She lacks the competency of expressing herself in the alarming scenes. Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga are just in the extended cameos and are decent.

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: Direction, Music

Gary Dauberman’s maiden attempt is commendable because he gets the format right. Being connected with the ‘eerie world’ since long now, he knows how to format the layers of a horror a film. The transitions are smooth and despite being the run-of-the-mill narrative, the movie doesn’t lag.

After experimenting with Benjamin Wallfisch, the makers bring back Joseph Bishara on-board. He delivers justice to the sound department, as many scared are followed by stupendous sound effects.

Annabelle Comes Home Movie Review: The Last Word

All said and done, Annabelle Comes Home is surely better than the Annabelle: Creation but doesn’t match the scares of The Conjuring. A satisfying watch for those who are lovers of this genre.

Annabelle Comes Home Trailer

Annabelle Comes Home releases on 28th June 2019.


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