ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - 2 Movie Poster
ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Movie Poster

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhudheva

Director: Remo D’Souza

What’s Good: ABCD 2 is a complete entertainer filled with delightful dance performances. Undoubtedly, India’s best attempt at making a wholesome dance film. Every dancer in the crew is pitch perfect and Remo D’Souza deserves a ‘This Is It’.

What’s Bad: Whilst Remo makes sure there is nothing missing on the dance front, the plot takes a backseat. In terms of story, the screenplay is mediocre. Also the overstretched run time is a downer for a 3D film.

Loo break: Interval would suffice!

Watch or Not?: It will make-up for a decent one-time watch and so for weekend cine goers, this will be a good choice. There is drama, emotion, patriotism, love and most important of all – Dance!

User Rating: 

Suresh (Varun Dhawan) and Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor) are a part of the dance crew Mumbai Stunners and are participants of a dance show named Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahi. In one of the qualifying rounds in the show, the crew gets disqualified from the show for performing a routine that is copied from a Philippines dance crew. Soon they are quoted as ‘cheaters’ and everyone from Mumbai Stunners bears the brunt of this mistake in their personal lives as the people they are concerned to often tag them as ‘cheats’.

Ashamed by the insults that he hears from people and the inner guilt of cheating his mother’s teachings, Suresh finds a new goal and wants to wash off his image by participating in the World Hip Hop competition at Las Vegas.

Since Vinnie is in love with Suresh, it takes no time for her to hop on to his Vegas dream and together they manage to convince the other dancers too. In a not-so-chance meeting, Suresh meets Vishnu (Prabhu Deva), an alcoholic, who is a brilliant dancer. Convinced that only he is fit to be their choreographer, Suresh and his team take a long time to persuade Vishnu to help them and eventually succeed.

Thus, Vishnu stands by them and impressively trains this dance crew which is now named as India Stunners. While the team gets selected to go to Vegas, there is something fishy about Vishnu’s behavior and some ulterior motives are yet to be discovered.

What lies ahead is the crew’s journey in Vegas and Vishnu’s untold secret. What is Vishnu hiding and will India Stunners win the dance show is what the film holds ahead.

Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan in a still from movie 'ABCD - Any Body Can Dance - 2'
Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan in a still from movie ‘ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2’

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Review: Script Analysis

We often come across Bollywood films with botched up plots and while some have no definitive value at all, Remo D’Souza’s ABCD 2 is on the face from its start. This is a pure dance film and hence expecting it to excel on the plot level could be acting like a demanding girlfriend who is not satisfied with one gift. The good part is that the plot is in no way pretentious and hence it is honestly served as the cliched underdog story.

At one point, you realize it is like Chak De and this time it is not the coach who is trying to prove his innocence and turn his bronze medal to gold. Other than a love story that thankfully does not take center stage, there is an attempt to add a twist in the story through Vishnu’s character which could have been avoided. Remo tries his best to include other dramatic occurrences but the mainstay of the film remains dance. While Bollywood is comparatively new to the genre of dance films, several films from the west too have lost their balance when it comes to the story but stood solely on dance. Same is the case with ABCD 2.

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Review: Star Performances

Varun Dhawan is here to stay. With every film he is growing immensely and ABCD 2 is yet another feather to his cap. He plays Suresh’s character with full power and is a treat to watch as he dances. His solo act in Chunar is completely mesmerizing, he is truly the next Shahid Kapoor of dance.

Shraddha Kapoor is like the ‘feel good’ package in the film. She surprises us with her dance moves but gets overshadowed by the other brilliant dancers in the film. She fits Vinnie’s role quite well and her chemistry with Varun looks naturally charming. Shraddha does not wow us with her dance but does manage to leave a mark.

Prabhu Deva is at his dancing best. One cannot hold back and has to whistle at the ‘Happy Hour’ dance. Apart from the dancing, his act as drunk Vishnu is good.

Dharmesh Yelande, Lauren Gottlieb, Raghav Juyal, Puneet Pathak shine in their supporting roles. The DID heroes are brilliant.

Pooja Batra and Tisca Chopra make their glamorous cameos in the film.

You also get Kapil Sharma and Navjot Singh Sidhu add some Television moments in the film.

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Remo D’Souza has grown as a director and it is quite evident in this film as he tries to hold the film in a much wiser manner. There is no best to his choreography and hence visually the film is a treat for all the performances in 3D. I particularly loved the digital effects used for the credits at the on set. The best part is that Remo takes very little inspiration from Hollywood’s Step-Up and hence you feel no need to even get into comparisons. Quite challenging for any director, yet Remo holds the second half so well that in spite of its lasting run time, the final performance makes up for your lost time. Yet, it would have been best to get the film down to two hours ten minutes than drag it since elongated 3D movies are a pain to sit through.

The cinematography is noteworthy as we breeze through Vegas and Grand Canyon.

Music by Sachin-Jigar is the side hero of this film. It works wonders with the eye-catching dances. Their background score also fills the minor dull moments in the film.

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Review: The Last Word

ABCD 2 is a fun watch for all those who love dancing. If you have two left feet when it comes to dance then at least get thrilled watching this. Surely, India’s best attempt at a dance film. I am going with a 3.5/5 for this film.

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 Trailer

ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2 releases on 19th June, 2015.

Share with us your experience of watching ABCD – Any Body Can Dance – 2.

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  1. dance dance aur dance yeh sirf dancer ke liye hain film bakwas waste of money mat jaar re mat jaa iss film main mat jaa

  2. basically you’re saying that brainless and storyless movie like ABCD2 deserves 3.5 stars just because “it’s about dance”? let’s just chop some dance sequences from DID and glue them together, throw in some dialogues here and there, and here you go : that would qualify as being a movie as well… ABCD3!
    and to think that I used to find the Koimoi reviews the best! for the past 2 years, I can’t even understand your criterias anymore! You blame a movie like HAK for being clichéd and give it 1.5 and you praise a movie like ABCD2, for BEING clichéd, and give it 3.5…

  3. 3 for a Dil Dhadakney Do and 3.5 for this crap! Are you serious?? Got to set some standard while rating movies. Well i ask you just to say worth or not worth to watch if so.
    Sometime i fell KRK gives better review then you people do.

  4. i am crying…after reading review from koimoi i went to watch abcd 2 n waste my money ..its totaly a crap…
    Please koimoi don’t fool us by this in future..

  5. Biased review.. So pathetic movie.. I feel that reality show DID gives better entertainment than this boring movie.. no story ,no chemistry between actors, 3rd class acting of prabhu Deva, God knows why he was there as guru, dialogue delivery was very bad like his hindi..In 2 hr 30 min movie has dance and only romance, no drama nothing..

  6. I think your review is bang on. And I feel pity on all the people who are commenting negative things about this movie, because you did not give better stars for HAK :) I just want to give a thumbs up to you reviewer, because your reviews are exactly as I saw both the movies…HAK and ABCD2.

    To be honest, am a fan of Mohit Suri films. Agree there are plot issues in his movies, but still considering a bollywood movie, woh sab nazarandaaz ho jaata hai…but HAK, inspite of me trying my best to like it, i just couldn’t…I just couldn’t relate to the emotional dilemma which vasudha was going through. It was beyond belief that in todays time, if a husband dumps the wife and disappears, the woman will ever take him back. And in HAK, for 5 years he was gone!!! There is absolutely no way any woman would have had any issue with moving on without even giving a second thought to her husband. And here, a handsome rich multimillionaire is head-over-heels over her, and she is crying in agony thinking of the one year she spent with the husband during which not one happy memory was shown by the filmmakers. I feel this is where the movie lost me. No matter how hard the actors tried to make us feel the pain they were going through, it just didn’t work.

    Well, i know this is not HAK review page but since people here are talking more about it, I gave my frank opinion about it. As far as ABCD2 goes, it a funs movie guys, don’t listen to these 10-11 year old kids who are sad coz mommy didnt give them 3-4 toffies instead of 1.5 ;)

  7. Its a BAAAAMMM Movie..!!!! Luved it OSUMLYYY..!!!
    It should crack over 140 crore worldwide..!! Fingers Crossed..!!

  8. BEST MOVIE ………………..


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