Karan Razdan is killed by terrorists. The leader of the terrorist group, Atul Kulkarni, is also murdered soon thereafter. Karan’s little daughter, Jannat, is soon possessed by a spirit, which makes the family distraught. Whose spirit is it? What does it want? Read the review of Aagaah The Warning to find out more.

AAGAAH THE WARNING ReviewBusiness rating: 0.5/5 star

Star cast: Atul Kulkarni, Anupam Kher, Rituparna Sengupta, Satish Kaushik, Ila Arun, Govind Namdeo, Zakir Hussain, Anang Desai, baby Jannat, Karan Razdan.

What’s Good: hardly anything!

What’s Bad: The story; the childish screenplay; the faulty Gujarati used in the dialogues; the narrative style; the dull horror drama.

Verdict: Aagaah The Warning is a disaster.

Loo break: Anytime… any number of times.

Watch or Not?: The aforementioned gist should be a warning for all concerned.

User rating:

Omkar Investments and Aartee Films’ Aagaah The Warning (A) is a story about terror, terrorism and horror. Azaan Khan (Atul Kulkarni) trains terrorists in the name of jehad. He and his men kill the few people on board a boat, including Ram Sharan (Karan Razdan). Azaan himself is killed soon thereafter.

Back in the village, Ram Sharan’s parents, Dev Sharan (Satish Kaushik) and Dulariben (Ila Arun), his wife, Megha (Rituparna Sengupta), and little daughter, Muskan (baby Jannat), are shattered to learn of their loss. As Muskan, who doesn’t comprehend that her father is dead, goes out in search of him in the jungle, she is attacked by a spirit which possesses her and makes her do strange things. The family is distraught but unable to do much. Ashrafbhai (Anang Desai), a maulana, directs Dev Sharan to Peer Jammatuddin Shah Baba (Anupam Kher), saying, he might be able to cure Muskan. But Peer Shah Baba fails.

Then, one night, a strange thing happens. The spirit attacks the family and when it is counter-attacked by Megha, it escapes through the chimney. But before escaping, it writes something on the wall of their house in a language which only Peer Shah Baba can read.

What has the spirit written? Whose spirit is it? Why has it entered the body of Muskan? Does the Nawab (Zakir Hussain) have any role to play in the entire drama? The latter part of the film tries to answer these questions.


Aagaah The Warning Review – Script Analysis

Karan Razdan’s story is rather weird and silly, to say the least. A drama which begins as a terrorist drama, soon changes into a horror drama, that too, one which fails to send even a single chill down the spine of the viewer. If Razdan’s story is childish, his screenplay is even worse. The spirit attacks Muskan and yet, in the end, it seems as if it is sorry for the calamity that has befallen the family. If that be so, why did the spirit make life hell for the family of Ram Sharan? The behaviour of the Nawab is idiotic, to say the least. Likewise, the villagers (whatever few there are of them) behave in such an idiotic fashion (they complain to the police against Megha rather than sympathising with her plight) that it would seem, everyone in the village was abnormal. In a couple of scenes, it seems as if there’s no difference between how the possessed Muskan behaves as compared to her mother who is not possessed by any spirit. For, the mother also mindlessly screams like Muskan. The way the spirit has been shown (like a trail of smoke) makes the entire horror drama look like a big joke! Although an entire set of a village has been put up, the screenplay restricts the drama mostly to one house – that of Dev Sharan.

To say that the dialogues are bad would be an understatement. For some strange reason, dialogue writer Karan Razdan makes his three principal characters, Dev Sharan, Dulariben and Ram Sharan, speak in Gujarati even to people who understand Hindi and don’t understand Gujarati. What’s worse is that they speak in Gujarati, then switch over to Hindi and then again to Gujarati, all in one sentence. What’s the worst is that the Gujarati is far from correct!

The emotional connect which the story ought to have made with the audience is completely missing. So, on the one hand, there are no emotional moments and on the other, the horror drama fails to chill or thrill. Since there is no scope whatsoever for comedy and romance in the film, it has nothing to offer to the audience in the name of entertainment.

Aagaah The Warning Review – Star Performances

Atul Kulkarni does an average job. Anupam Kher is ordinary. Rituparna Sengupta is unable to make an impact. Satish Kaushik looks ill at ease in the almost mindless enterprise. Ila Arun does a poor job, not caring for the Gujarati language in which she mouths her dialogues. Baby Jannat acts ably. Zakir Hussain is hopelessly wasted. Karan Razdan is dull. Govind Namdeo, Anang Desai, Suhas Khandke, Dhanbir Negi and the others lend average support.

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