Why Shweta Memes Taking Over The Internet? Here's What Happened
Why Shweta Memes Taking Over The Internet? All You Need To Know(Pic Credit: Twitter)

Amidst all the political, paid hashtags and the ‘pawri memes’ taking over social media, an organic trending topic on Twitter came like a breath of fresh air. On Thursday afternoon, ‘Shweta’ was trending on Twitter. When we clicked on the hashtag, we found a snippet of a supposed video call of Shweta has gone viral on the microblogging site.


A recording of the video call, of what appears to be from an online class, has gone viral. In the clip, a girl named Shweta began to narrate her friend about the conversations she had with her other close guy friend. Much to everyone’s amusement, the girl failed to mute her microphone on the zoom call, and she spilt all her friends’ secrets to 111 participants on board.


While it is unclear whether the call was genuine or a work of fiction, it sure is all over the Internet right now. Shweta during the call details how her friend revealed that his girlfriend is a s*x-addict and makes out whenever they meet.

She narrates how her guy friend sometimes gets too possessive about his girlfriend. “He loves that girl like crazy. That girl was just using me and I didn’t even know. He was so crazy about her that she was a sex addict… he was attracted with feeling. So he also did ‘it’,” she said.

As her speaker seemed to be switched off, repeated warnings from other members like “Shweta..your mic is on”, “Shweta….Shweta…don’t worry now 111 people know your secret…”, had gone unheard. Soon the clip surfaced on Twitter and it spread like wildfire.

Netizens on Twitter came up with the most innovative and hilarious memes. As a result, Shweta began to trend on the microblogging site. Here are some of the hilarious memes that flooded on Twitter.

Will the real Shweta please stand up?

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