Recently the ticket counters have suddenly started receiving a swarm of audiences for the Hollywood flicks. As compared to the earlier times the present scenario has changed considerably. The days of 50 First Dates, The Day After Tomorrow and The Aviator, is quiet distinguishing from the times of the Amazing Spiderman, Dark Night and Avatar. It was just a few years back that people would prefer watching a Bollywood flick more than a Hollywood movie any day. However, a drastic change can be noticed now as the Hollywood movies are attracting sumptuous number of viewers. People are getting widely inclined towards Hollywood films as they have succeeded in interesting the Indian mob. Especially the urban movie goers are watching these movies more than previous eons. So are the dubbed regional versions doing extremely well.

The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider Man, 50 First Dates, Aviator Movie Poster
The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider Man, 50 First Dates, Aviator Movie Posters

Also, the box office collections of Hollywood movies now are amassed in far more larger numbers that the current Bollywood movies. For instance the first weekend box office collection of the recent Bollywood films like Vicky Donor, Gangs of Wasseypur and Ishaqzade were 13.30 Cr, 17.50 Cr and 17 Cr respectively; while on the other hand The Amazing Spiderman earned 30 Cr and The Dark Night Rises sweeped in 25 Cr. There is a huge difference in the figures. A collective inclination of the Indian audiences can be noticed from this. Gone are the days when Hollywood movies were only heard of and watched sometimes when aired on T. V. In the recent years people have been liking, appreciating and understanding the foreign movies quite ardently.

Few years back the Spiderman series, Chronicles of Narnia and other such Hollywood films could not attract as many audiences as they now do. The fresh concepts, mesmerizing 3D effects and creative animation techniques have succeeded in touching many hearts. That’s why well appreciated Bollywood movies like Ishaqzade earn a lifetime collection of 45 Cr and The Amazing Spiderman collects 48.25 Cr. This clearly tells us how people have started developing a taste for Hollywood movies as compared to earlier times and even to the Bollywood ones for that matter.

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