Prashant and Rishina were the 1st ever couple to be featured on ‘Emotional Atyachaar’ Season 1. Rishina was brought to team EA by their common friend, Yash, who was Prashant’s roommate but had over time developed a close friendship with Rishina and could no longer bear the fact that Prashant would often cheat on her. The crew of EA carried out the loyalty test and Prashant was caught cheating. A heart broken Rishina ended the 4 year relationship.


More than a year later, Prashant approached the team of Bindass ‘Love Lockup’ to get a chance to try and win Rishina back. In the past year, he claimed, he faced a lot of embarrassment and insult for being the cheater on Emotional Atyaachaar. He also claimed his largest grudge has been that he did not even get a single chance to even apologize to Rishina. He also believes that Yash, who used to be his best friend, has actually added fuel to fire and turned Rishina against him. Incidentally, Yash was found cheating on his own girlfriend in season 2 of ‘Emotional Atyachaar’. Prashant wants one chance to talk to Rishina to clarify himself and get some answers from Yash.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup Prashant-Rishina Episode Still

The stars of Yeh Saali Zindagi took interest in the story and decided to come in and meet the couple one by one. Chitrangada Singh came in on the 1st day and along with Pravesh and welcomed the couple into the lock up. As they chatted, Prashant clarified his position that while he was guilty of being with another woman, he never got a chance to clarify himself . And this is why he wanted to be in the lock up with Rishina who would have to then give him this chance. While chatting, Chitrangada spoke of relationships not being easy, times when one slips up and mistakes do happen but one has got to keep going. After locking up the couple, Chitragada meets Rishina’s bhabhi and Yash’s cousins who have all come to watch and support the couple from the viewing room. After Chitrangada has leaves, there are long silences between Prashant and Rishina before they finally start talking. But the bitterness of a broken relationship comes through through taunts and jibes. While the two are bickering in the lock up, the viewing room is erupting with its own fights between Rishina’s bhabhi and Prashant’s friends. They all enter the lock up and soon enough everyone is at each others’ throats.

The next day while trying to get Rishina to see the humiliation that Prashant has gone through in the last year, Prashant points out that Yash is the one who has turned Rishina completely against him, something that he is fuming about. He tries to reason that Yash is not really a saint himself as he too was caught cheating on the same show. Rishina tells him that yes, she does trust Yash more than she ever trusted Prashant and this pisses him off. Prashant begs the team for a chance out to get some answers he needs from Yash. He is allowed out of the lock up for sometime. He barges into Yash’s home and confronts Yash who, caught unawares, refuses to entertain any of Prashant’s questions. Soon enough fists are flying and it takes the team plus bouncers to separate the two. Prashant returns to the lock up still upset but glad that at least he got his anger out.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup Prashant-Rishina Episode Still

The next day, Yash is the one who wakes up the couple in the lock up. Arguments and nasty taunts fly all over until there is a surprise visit by someone very closely linked to the trio. Shristi, who was the girl Yash cheated with enters the lock up. This was something Prashant had requested for since Yash had told Rishina that Shrishti never was his girlfriend and it was all fake. Shrishti enters and Yash suddenly seems to have lost his cool demeanor. Shrishti tells Rishina point blank that, by trusting Yash who is a cheat and a liar, Rishina is making a big mistake. She says that Prashant has been sincerely trying to get her to understand him and make up for his folly last year, and Rishina should give him a chance. Yash and Rishina team up and mock Shristi and soon enough erupts yet another fight. This one a cross connection with Yash and Shristi fighting across the room, and Prashant-Rishina screaming at each other as well. Shristi then loses it and tells Rishina that everyone knows what has been happening between Yash and Rishina. She tells Prashant that while seeing Yash he was always hanging out with Rishina and she always suspected that they were having an affair. All hell breaks loose as Prashant realizes that maybe Rishina was never faithful to him either.

Shristi leaves and shortly after to give a little love advice enters Bollywood star Arunoday Singh. As part of the crew of ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’, he wants to meet Prashant and Rishina to impart some pearls of wisdom. Arunodaya is frank and direct and tells them that intimacy is the key to a relationship and they should be frank and mature about life and decide what they really want. After he leaves, Prashant and Rishina get back to their tasks and activities. With them rest assured everything erupts into a fight!!!

Irrfan Khan, the star of ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ meets with the couple to understand their decision. Irrfan points out that mistakes happen, people cheat, but some relationships survive in spite of such problems because the people feel the need to be together. Do Prashant and Rishina feel the need for each other at all?

Then next day is D Day. Its time to decide what they want. Has the lock up helped Prashant get that chance he needed to try and win Rishina back? Has Rishina realized that Prashant is genuinely sorry? Can their 4 year relationship, which stood strong before ‘Emotional Atyachaar’, be re-built from scratch?

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