Kiran (22) and Navraj (20) are from Punjab. Both are aspiring models who have been seeing each other for 2 years. They have been quite serious about this relationship but there are some major issues between them and their relationship has now reached the verge of a break up.


Navraj wants Kiran to quit modelling so that his family approves of her before they get married, but Kiran refuses to do so. Kiran does not want to quit her career and hates the fact that Navraj believes that every girl who is into modelling is of loose character. Navraj thinks that Kiran is always skimpily clad and does so to attract the wrong kind of attention. Navraj has often caught Kiran lying and flirting with guys under pretext of professionalism. According to him, she can do anything to get a break and he suspects her of having slept with directors for roles. Navraaj has a drinking problem and when they argue, he often abuses her physically. Kiran also is extremely short tempered and starts screaming and shouting at the drop of a hat. This results in fights that are verbally and physically abusive.

Both Kiran and Navraj have reached the point where they know things are not working out between them, yet they do think they need to give their love one last chance, hence they enter the Love Lockup

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As soon as they enter the Love Lockup, while discussing their issues with Pravesh, Kiran and Navraj end up fighting about their modelling careers and the fact that Kiran flirts around with directors for work. Navraj even says that she is the kind who would sleep with a director for work. Kiran vehemently denies this, but Navraaj says that the way she dresses, her body language and behavior say otherwise. Pravesh leaves, wishing them luck and hoping they would be able to sort out their issues while in the lockup.

After Pravesh leaves, the two erupt into a fight, where Navraj shoves Kiran and threatens to hit her. Harpreet, who is a director and a close friend of Kiran, enters the lockup. Navraj and Harpreet fight about the Kiran’s nature and her relationship with Harpreet.

Kiran is screaming and shouting saying that Harpreet is like her brother and it is Navraj who has a dirty mind.  While saying this, she pulls Navraj’s shirt. Navraaj slaps Kiran, lifts her and throws her around.

Ashmit, Navraj’s friend, then enters the lockup and says that he has seen Kiran and Harpreet too close at times. Harpreet visits Kiran when Navraj is not at home. After everyone leaves Kiran and Navraj argue some more.

The next day has Kiran’s friend, Sonam enters along with Navraj’s friend Karan. Karan says there is something fishy between the girls and says that he has seen them kissing. Kiran denies this and hugs Sonam saying, this is not kissing. Sonam, however, suddenly turns around and kisses Kiran smack on the lips. Everyone is shocked, including Kiran. Navraj and Karan initially laugh about it but after Karan and Sonam leave, Navraj says he is disgusted about what happened and Kiran is clearly a lesbian. Kiran denies this and says it was Sonam who kissed her and she is straight to prove this she kisses Navraj. Navraj wants more but Kiran pushes him away and they end up fighting all over again.


The next day Navraj’s sister Navreet goes into the lockup. Navreet thinks that Kiran is older than Navraj, she has no personality and thinks that she is not the right girl for her brother. Both of them make fun of Kiran saying she doesn’t even know English. Another argument breaks out.

UTV Bindass Love Lockup - Navraj-Kiran Episode Stills

After sometime Kiran’s mom comes in and starts shouting at Navraj and Navreet for screaming and making fun of Kiran.

Navraaj says he can’t marry her since they both belong to different castes. He also brings up the fact that Kiran had lied about her surname for a year and a half after their relationship started.

It also happens to be Navreet’s birthday, so to show an effort towards his sister, and surprise Navraj, Kiran goes out shopping with Harpreet, her director friend, unfortunately, wearing very revealing clothes.

Navraj for a long time wonders where she his and finally gets angry and asks for alcohol. He drinks with his friend Mohit who comes into the lockup to give him company. They gossip about Kiran and Navraj speaks derogatorily about her. Kiran comes back and Navraj, who is pretty drunk by now, wants to throw her out. They start fighting, and as the fight escalates, everyone is screaming and Kiran gets hurt. She is rushed to the hospital. The wounds are not deep but everyone is shaken up. The doctor says there is no damage and she and she is discharged. She is brought back to the lock up where her mother puts her to sleep. Navraj is feeling guilty and in the night goes up to her and kisses her forehead. The next morning, he makes her tea, nurses her cuts and is being very nice to her. This is when Pravesh and Dr. Sayeeda Rukhsheeda, the Love Lockup psychiatrist and couple therapist enter the lockup. Rukhsheeda talks about what happened last night being not appropriate. Kiran says, she never meant to hurt herself, she just did it for attention. The doctor tells her and Navraj that whatever may have been their reasons, their behaviour has been out of control and it is not their relationship that needs help, it is them to need to seek counselling in their hometowns, something that the love lockup team will arrange. Dr. Sayeeda declares them unfit to continue on the show and Pravesh, after having a quick word with the core team in the control room, asks Kiran and Navraj to pack their stuff and leave. While leaving, they talk to the camera calm for the first time saying that they have realized the way things happened was not good. Kiran promises to focus on herself and never to attempt something this stupid, while Navraj says he is going to control his aggression and tone down. Hoping the couple manages to regain mental fitness along with their lost love, this is where the episode ends.

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