Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor

She wowed us with an amazing Luv Ka The End at a time when most industry insiders ruled her out post a debacle of a debut. She stunned us with her enigmatic screen presence in a film which has gone on records to be the biggest money spinner for the Bhatts and made sure Arohi Shirke connects with the masses.

Yes! She is the newest star on the block, Shraddha Kapoor. But why did it take almost three years for this otherwise pretty lady to make way to stardom while other newcomers connected with their first film. “There is always a time for each thing to happen good or bad. But I am happy that it has finally happened to me even if people feel it is a little late. I am not at all regretful about the films I chose and didn’t work. I can’t be so selfish,” smiled away our lovely lady.

From playing the shy and coy Ria Dialdas to the affirmative Arohi in Aashiqui 2, the girl next door suddenly transformed into a woman. “It has changed no? A lot of people have been telling me that. They are surprised and they say, ‘you were a kid and suddenly you are looking so grown up and all’. They say that I look like a Bollywood heroine now so it feels really good. (Smiles) I don’t think I would have kept doing films in that age bracket anymore. More so because people are saying I looked totally different in this film.”

With Aashiqui 2 being the biggest surprise of 2013, Shraddha’s confidence is highly boosted. But this docile coy lady does not let it impact her in any other manner. “I have a very innate quality. I don’t take failures to heart nor do I allow success to get into my head. I am overwhelmed with the response that our film is receiving and I really want to thank the Bhatts for giving me an opportunity as good as this. No matter what Aashiqui 2 will always be the most special film for me. My family has loved the film”, said an excitedly innocent Shraddha.

With the sign of purity enmeshed into her, Shraddha is one happy woman now. Her kitty is full and she is getting loads of offers post Aashiqui 2. “Yes, Punit Malhotra’s film will be a cracker. I play a very important role in the film and it was lovely working with Imran Khan on Gori Tere Pyar Main. It is a fun film and I thoroughly enjoyed working with Imran and Kareen Kapoor although I had very little scenes with her. Plus I am looking into offers but haven’t made any decisions yet,” was what our new born star had to say.

With Aashiqui 2 venturing into the list of Koimoi’s Top 10 Movies of 2013 effortlessly and reigning supreme over other heavyweight films, Shraddha has even better reasons to flaunt that sparkling smile.

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