One should be careful in redoing classic songs. Undoubtedly classics have a strong and pleasurable place in public memory that tugs strongly at our nostalgic beads. It is but natural that we end up judging the newer version on parameters that the older version had set up. Something similar happened with the new Tayyab Ali. The makers of Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara enthusiastically decided to refurbish the original 1977 song, from the film Amar Akbar Anthony!


The original music by the iconic duo of Laxminkant-Pyarelal was sung by Mohd. Rafi. With Rishi Kapoor adding his charm to the song in which he wages a desperate verbal duel against his girlfriend’s father. There are minor details in the original. The singing is charming and done with a hint of humorous mischief in it, Rishi Kapoor with his perfect delightfulness is way more convincing as the young lover boy who cannot be with his girlfriend because of her stringent father! There is both grace and beauty in the old Tayyab Ali.

Rishi Kapoor And Imran Khan in Tayyab Ali Song
Rishi Kapoor And Imran Khan in Tayyab Ali Song

However, the first look of the newer Tayyab lacks credibility. With the sets seeming extremely put up, Imran fails to match up to Rishi’s overpowering screen charisma. The song lacks the effortless quality, not to mention the gleaming innocence of the older version. Working off with a hint of its naughty magic, the older Tayyab Ali was any day a strong song in terms of music, performance and the impact it leaves on its audiences!

Balaji Productions has gone a step forward by officially buying the rights of the song before remaking it. With its catchy lyrics and wonderful melody, the song is one of most prevailing evergreen hits that has a special place etched out in our memories. Tampering with it isn’t incorrect just unnecessary, but perhaps it is Balaji’s way of giving tribute to the song and its makers!

Personally, I did not like the new Tayyab Ali. Imran Khan with his polished and suave looks could not bring out the ruffian nature of the song well enough. It is easier to pass Khan off as an urban man in the contemporary times, than a small time don from the 70s. His looks deceive him terribly at it. Sonakshi Sinha clearly lacks Neetu Singh’s cuteness and with that the newer version fails to leave a lingering impact on me atleast.

Share with us what you think of the new Tayyab Ali.

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