Star Rating: 1.5/5  (One-and-half-Stars)


The film I don’t Luv U though focused around today’s youth, its music has one omnipresent flaw – It lacks the energy to grab eyeballs. Barring the music, its richness or quality aside, the album largely has an unenthusiastic approach. Despite good musicians and singers, this album has not one standing out characteristic that will get them noticed! FYI hurling abusive phrases and making pervert pass at women does not qualify as appreciable lyrics or songs.

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pande in a still from I Don’t Luv U Movie
Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pande in a still from I Don’t Luv U Movie

I don’t Luv U – I don’t Luv U Music Review

Amit Kasaria and Aman-Benson try hard to give the album a refreshing start. And to some extent, they do succeed. The song picks up with a breezy swiftness but instead of sticking to the built track frame, it wanders. Neuman Pinto and Monali Thakur have incredible voice texture but it’s the director’s fault that in this duet, their chemistry hasn’t been harnessed adequately. There is a lack of synchronization between them at places, which if one hears closely seems very discordant.

Ishq Di Maa Ki – I don’t Luv U Music Review

This is the only song in the film which will manage to gather some attention. Sung by Mika Singh, it is his eagerness that shows prominently in this track. Giving this dull album, its only energetic musical, the song scores for me despite offensive words which are thrown in the lyrics no apparent reason!

Mera Chhuta Guitar – I don’t Luv U Music Review

If I were to name one of Shaan’s most disappointing tracks, this would be it! Juvenility in its lyrics and most commonplace music, I could easily go to school bands to hear such songs. Novice in its framework, its hardly believable that Shaan was the same man who debuted with the remarkable album Tanha Dil.

Mera Khuda – I don’t Luv U Music Review

In the miraculous voice of Javed Ali and Hamsar Hayyat, the song bears a striking resemblance to many such familiar tracks. It is a nice hear but the problem with this one is the lyrics aren’t very powerful; hence it can’t solely support the song. The subdued beats kills the dramatic effect that was intended for this song.

Kuchh Hone Ko Hai – I don’t Luv U Music Review

This song begins well. Its beginning will remind you of ‘Kaisi Hai Ye Rut Ki’ from Dil Chahta Hai, but again this song lacks a stable tempo and consistence. Tapping in English lyrics gives a very lame feel to it! Raman Mahadevan and Joi Barua’s voice have been absolutely wasted.

Jaane Kaise Do I Luv U – I don’t Luv U Music Review

The song is an improvement to the other tracks. Linda Johny’s voice is seasoned and doesn’t shake on higher octaves. The song is a whiff of fresh air. The lyrics of the song are again not well penned down. But use of jazz blending in with piano tunes, comes out well.

Mohe Apne Hi – I don’t Luv U Music Review

Fareed Hasan is a voice to look out for in a few years. In a song so classical in its beats, this man renders to it an unforgettable quality. The song is slow and rooted in Hindustan classical base, fed with tabla beats! The song is well made but it doesn’t befit the film’s plot and there is a distinct doubt whether the youth, on whom the film is targeted, will enjoy the track at all.

Mission Tadofier – I don’t Luv U Music Review

Why is Honey Singh solely blamed for writing offensive songs! Whoever wrote Tadofier should receive similar threats for objectifying women. Not getting into the sensitive portion of the issue, to monosyllabic-ally encapsulate it, the song is silly! I have decided to not say a word more on this one.

The Last Word– I don’t Luv U Music Review

I am going with a 1.5/5 for this album. Though Ishq Di and Mohe Apne Hi deserve special mentions for being above average, on the whole the album is dull and could only manage a passive stance from me. A damp show!




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