I Don’t Luv U

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I Don't Luv U
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Cast: Ruslaan Mumtaz, Chetna Pande, Murli Sharma, Ravi Khemu and Ragesh Asthana

Director: Amit Kasaria

Producer: Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma

Writer: Amit Kasaria

Plot: Yuvaan, a young handsome boy & Aayra, a beautiful NRI girl are the main characters of this story. Just like any other teenager of this generation, who want to experience their life by getting together in a relationship, they are willing to go through the most beautiful & much needed feeling called ‘The Feeling of love’. Without realizing what they are doing, in the heat of adolescence & the curiosity of discovering each other closely…….they end up into an uncontrollable & devastating ugly situation which shatters their life completely.

The story gradually shows the evolution of Yuvaan’s character who decides to fight back & upturn circumstances to get his love & life back on track.

The movie also lays emphasis on the potential role of media in a common man’s life. It elucidates that if misuse of media can jeopardizes a commoner’s life, at the same time, if used judiciously, it can act as savior

i dont luv u Review

Rating: 0.5/5 stars (Zero And Half Stars)

 I Don’t Luv U Movie Poster
I Don’t Luv U Movie Poster

Star cast: Ruslaan Mumtaz, Chetna Pande, Murli Sharma, Ravi Khemu and Ragesh Asthana

Director:  Amit Kasaria

What’s Good: Nothing

What’s Bad: Everything

Loo break:  Yes. Don’t be too tempted to flush yourself down the drain. This film isn’t worth it!

Watch or Not?: I Don’t Luv U is a baseless, senseless, ridiculous nonsense! A director woke up from sleep one fine day and decided to waste his money and energy on this film. Ruslaan flaunts his new pumped up look and still fails. The rest shouldn’t even be mentioned. Go watch the film and punish yourself. It is a sin payback time and you deserve to suffer!

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A young college guy by mistake makes a video of him and his girlfriend kissing. The video is discovered by rogues and eventually by the media who publicize it by giving it a nasty sex scandal face. Caught in the web of police enquiries and humiliation, the boy jumps from his balcony to invite attention on the issue.

A diary found at the site of the of event unfolds a story which answers the questions, the film might have intended to arise.

Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pande in I Don’t Luv U Movie Stills
Ruslaan Mumtaz and Chetna Pande in I Don’t Luv U Movie Stills

I Don’t Luv U Review: Script Analysis

The film’s first part is vulgar. I was heavily offended by the film’s prudish approach. Presuming that men are sexually charged (h***y) beasts who understand only the language of physicality and body. Our general opinion about men is so lowly, that it is generally wrong to expect the menfolk to rise above it. Men aren’t perverts and there is no script as such in the film to analyse.

I Don’t Luv U Review: Star Performances

It is sad to see the charming actor, who once brimmed with innocence and glee in MP3, has adjusted himself to such basic amenities of roles. I expect better from Ruslaan and its unfortunate to see the guy settling for lesser things than he deserves.

Chetna Pande will make you feel morbid. Dear girl, just don’t act! Spare us the horror of your muffled dialogue delivery and non acting, of course.

I Don’t Luv U Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

The film evokes physical pain (like headache in my case). Director Amit Kasaria perhaps never had a plot. Initially I was trying to presume he loses the story only to realize he never had a structured one. Too bad the film even released. The music it streams provides us some respite occasionally. I am clueless what inclined me to sit through the film! 

I Don’t Luv U Review: The Last Word

I Don’t Luv U is a film that doesn’t deserve to even release going by its non story, non script and non film aspects. Just spare yourself some pain and horror and take a nap at home instead. I wish I was allowed negative markings. Also zero isn’t polite, maintained my editor. Hence, I am settling with 0.5/5. The only decent part was its music, the rest is sheer crass!

I Don’t Luv U Trailer

I Don’t Luv U released on 17th May, 2013.

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