Bhushan Kumar
Bhushan Kumar

Bhushan Kumar is a very happy man. His Aashiqui 2 has managed to achieve something which seemed impossible till a few weeks back. With a good opening weekend that had already resulted in overflow for this Mohit Suri directed film, Aashiqui 2 has also turned out to be one of those rare mid-budget films and that too with relative newcomers to beat quite a few biggies in their own game.


“With so much required to be done in so quick time, it has been no ordinary feat to have all departments coming together and achieving the impossible, I am ecstatic,” says Bhushan who also released Nautanki Saala recently and would be seen be arriving with I Love New Year.

Made at the cost of 8 crores, the film has not just enjoyed one of the best opening weekends of the year but also challenged the sheer thought process and planning behind many other biggies which arrive with a much more outlandish marketing plan and (at times) gain lesser.

“As I have always maintained, for Aashiqui 2 in particular it was my father who showed us the way. Otherwise how can one explain a film being pulled in from the original plans for May and then released with just a three week long marketing and promotional grind, something that looked impossible to begin with? In the middle of this all, the film was also going through post production and readied for release,” he adds.

Despite arriving alongside Iron Man 3, which did prove to be a massive competition, as well as IPL, Aashiqui 2 ended up being a winner.

“The film has shown once again that audience is ready for varied subjects,” says Mahesh Bhatt, “Some out there said that the film was grim and perhaps won’t work with such an ending. Well, pick up Mother India where a mother shoots her son or Deewar where the hero dies or for that matter my own Naam where the protagonist no more lives to tell the tale – all of these worked, didn’t they? All that you have to do is have a strong story base and tell it with conviction. Rest would be taken care by the audience.”

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