Hindi cinema has seen a mixed bag of films this June. With a couple of interesting releases like Raanjhanaa and Fukrey, it has remained stable on a low note. Ghanchakkar is a momentous film for everyone important associated with it. From the actors to the film’s director, everyone has a pivotal point to prove with this film.

Vidya Balan And Emraan Hashmi in Ghanchakkar Movie Poster
Vidya Balan And Emraan Hashmi in Ghanchakkar Movie Poster

To begin with, from its trailer this one is an Emraan Hashmi film. Mostly, known for his trivial liplocking antics in every film, it is ventures like Shanghai or even his last Ek Thi Daayan that established him as a fierce actor. Though ETD as a film wasn’t quite an impressive film, Emraan Hashmi walked off with wonderful reviews for his charged delivery of his character. The pressing urgency of Bobo, the emotional turmoil, the fear that has the innocence of a victimized child; Emraan was more true to his character than he has ever been. The film due to a staggering second half was a doom, and hence was not received immensely well at the box office. But Emraan’s polished acting skills do deserve a mention and with Ghanchakkar he plans to further his efforts. Hashmi has always remained specific about his roles. There are a few he does to earn and some out of love and passion for his work. Always weary of comedies, Ghanchakkar is Emraan’s style, he figured out. Seasoned with suspense and laced with humor, Emraan’s character seems to valiantly drive the plot off his amnesia struck role. Since the actor has finally taken the required risk to delve out his comfort zone as an actor and try his hand at something new, let’s see if Emraan’s straight faced humor spark off a few laughs from us or not!

Vidya Balan, who has been taking home a good deal of black ladies back home in the last few years has an unjustifiable amount of evil eye spawning her for sure. Mrs Roy Kapur is all set to deliver her first film after marriage, and hence a lot depends on this film where her career will move from here. With Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani, she defied the prevalent moulds of hero based films in Bollywood. Giving us a delicious thriller, she was indeed the soul of the film. Whoever had previously believed that you need a hero to make a film run in India, changed their opinions after Kahaani. Her extreme prowess and conviction of her work glowed on screen and with that Vidya had toppled over all her contemporaries. This time Vidya is settling in a whacky aid of a housewife. She is nonchalantly loud and boisterously splurges Punjabi cuss words. Vidya’s energy and confidence is a reason why one should definitely try out Ghanchakkar!

As for Raj Kumar Gupta, we do remember him from the classic Aamir and the overdramatized No One Killed Jessica. While the former was a bravura show, the latter was single track, half baked along with characters painted in monotone. With a very unimpressive and matter-of-fact narration, the film lacked any exhilarating moments! Ghanchakkar is luckily not appearing flat. A bank robbery. Missing money. Clues of the moolah with an amnesia stricken patient. A loud Punjabi woman. And five days to find the amount. Rajkumar Gupta has somehow managed to get together suspense and humor in the same frame and it seems to be done well enough to compel you to buy a ticket and manage a view!

Somehow the chemistry between the lead pair is quite catching my attention constantly. Especially why the lazy lad agrees to wear spongebob underwear his quirky balmy wife gets for him. The two managed to give some good scenes in the Milan Luthria directed The Dirty Picture and yet we were famished for more. Luckily, here’s some more of their sizzling eye catching chemistry. Director Raj Kumar Gupta has added more fun to the duo’s pairing this time. Gupta, who had worked with Balan before had kept her unusually plain and dull. Looks like, this time he has made up for all the missing energy from No One Killed Jessica by making her a blatantly outlandish character!

On my expectations scale, Ghanchakkar thrives. From its trailer, I deduce a lot of fun and a rollicking excitement ride. Definitely worth paying the ticket price to catch this one for the air of mystery it furnishes, and for its actors seem determined to give you a good time!

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