Lady Tremaine (Cinderella) To Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) – These Disney Villains Turned Evil After There Were Shun By Others
These Disney Villains Had Reason Justify Why They Were Evil (Photo Credit: IMDb, disney.fandom & pinterest)

Villains. Are people born as villains, or do circumstances turn them into someone who gets a sense of reprise only when others are suffering or in trouble? If you ask me, I go with circumstances, and Disney has, over the years, has shown how true it can be.


The fear of what the future will hold, how people treat them, to the appreciate you receive, they all mould you in a certain way. Today, keeping this in mind, we will talk about some villains – let’s correct that to the bad guys – in Disney films who turned that way because of circumstances.


From Lady Tremaine in Cinderella to Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, here are some Disney villains who were greatly misunderstood for what they did to the leads and how. Let us know in the end if you agree with our reasoning.

Edgar Balthazar: The Aristocats

Edgar Balthazar From The Disney Film The Aristocats
Edgar Balthazar In A Still From Disney’s The Aristocats

Edgar Balthazar was Madame Adelaide’s butler, and he stayed loyal and dedicated to his employee right until the point he felt betrayed by her. After serving the household for years, he realizes that he wasn’t getting his just due in Adelaide’s will as she was leaving her entire fortune for her cats and not him.

If he had only been given the respect he felt he deserved, we think he would have stayed loyal to her and her cats even after her demise. We are sure he would have taken care of the Duchess and her kittens, as he knew everything about them.

Lady Tremaine: Cinderella

Lady Tremaine In A Still From Disney’s Cinderella
Cinderella’s Stepmother Lady Tremaine

Cinderella and her stepmother have been the crux of many films – live-action and animation. But was Lady Tremaine evil when she entered the Disney princess’ life and turned it upside down?

Tremaine was a higher class born and became a widow after her wealthy husband died. In a male-dominant, she had no choice but to remarry to give her daughters a good upbringing. Soon after marrying Cinderella’s father, he too passes away, leaving her with another daughter and huge debts. Having to provide a good life for her biological kids, we see her turn into the evil stepmom.

Ursula: The Little Mermaid

Ursula In A Still From Disney’s The Little Mermaid
Ursula Was Viewed By All As The Villain In Disney’s The Little Mermaid

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, we saw the evil Ursula take advantage of the sweet Ariel. While giving in to her wish to have legs to roam the earth, Ursula takes away her voice for three days. Ursula was a schemer and a trickster, but she never forced Ariel into anything. But why was she this way?

The evil sea witch became a loathsome and sinister sea creature only after King Triton banished her. Ursula was initially supposed to rule the underwater kingdom along with King Triton but was resentful ever since she was cast away. In retaliation, she did evil against those she felt deserved punishment.

Syndrome: The Incredibles

Syndrome Became The Villain Only After Facing Rejection By Mr Incredible In The Incredibles
Syndrome In A Still From The Incredibles

In a world of superheroes, Syndrome was a sweet, innocent boy who looked up to Mr Incredible and hoped to follow in his path. But during one adventure trying to be ‘helpful,’ he angered the muscular hero by indirectly aiding in his escape. After being fired and insulted, he grew up to be a scientist and tech genius hell-bent on taking down the man who hurt him and all like him.

If Mr Incredible had been a little patient with him, we are sure IncrediBoy would have made gadgets for the superheroes, and they would never have to have gone into hiding.

Maleficent: Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent In A Still From Sleeping Beauty
Maleficent Was The One To Curse Aurora In Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

This Disney villain became a bitter woman because of the way people behaved with her. She cursed Aurora at her christening after she insulted for making an appearance to bless the princess.

Maleficent is the sister of the other fairies but always felt different, excluded, and pushed away. When she arrived at the celebration, she was mocked and told that she wasn’t invited or wanted. If she was shown some love, mercy and care, we are sure she would have blessed the little princess with all the happiness under the sun.

A person is neither black nor white – so if you ask me, each one of us is a villain in someone else’ story. Which Disney villain have you been the most judgmental of to date, let us know in the comments.

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