5 Fashion Influencers That Try To Bring Change
Ankush Bahuguna, Beer Biceps, The Style Doodler & More Fashion Influencers That Are Bringing Change (Photo Credit: Instagram/Ankush Bahuguna, Beer Biceps, The Style Doodler, SIDDHARTH BATRA & TEJESHWAR SANDHOO)

Gone are the days when fashion, beauty and skincare were only limited to one gender. The definition of beauty and the norms to it have completely changed. Now the male brigade has understood the need for self-care too, and all thanks to the clan of people who have made them aware about the same. While the tag fashion influencers seem to have made it to our general vocabulary, there are a few from the team trying hard to make their work worth the while.


Where some are talking about gender fluidity, a few are stressing the importance of body positivity. Fashion with education is the best part of their deed and they deserve the credit. Today at Koimoi, we list 5 male fashion influencers who are not just promoting fashion but trying to bring in change.



If you haven’t followed Ankush Bahuguna, the man has had his own journey. Starting as a content creator, he found his niche in makeup. Bending the norms of gender, he now also owns a page that promotes men putting on makeup and rocking the world. Bahuguna was even featured on some top portals for his initiative. His comments section generally labels him the ‘Relatable fashion influencer’, and we agree.


When it comes to promoting body positivity and not making it preachy, The Style Doodler knows it the best. He isn’t the blueprint ‘abs, and all muscles ripped’ guy (he does have a great body) but he owns it like a boss. And why are we not talking about his style, it’s comfortable and exciting at the same time? You should stalk this fashion influencer.


We can actually call Beer Biceps a veteran in this list. Ranveer has not just been spreading the word about fashion and having a presentable demeanour, but he has been breaking the myth associated with gyming and body in general for a long time now. In a parallel universe, the charming fashion influencer is also a motivational speaker of all kinds. His videos talking about life and goals have created a fanbase for themselves.


Siddharth Batra is a one-stop-shop for fashion, skincare, makeup and well some charming entertainment. Having created his quirky and impressive fashion sense, the man knows how to rock the most bizarre of the clothes. Batra also has seen a complete body transformation and he documents it several times on his page. Stalk him too.


Tejeshwar Sandhoo owns his content like a boss and knows what he aims to conquer. His Instagram handle is all sorts of positive vibes. It is not just about matching and miss matching clothes but also adding your own bits to it. Sandhoo advocates reflecting his true self in the fashion choices he makes. And are we not talking about his vines? He documents gay men’s chronicles on a gay dating app, and it is hilarious even for the straights.

All you boys, rock the world and own your vibe!

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