Robert Downey Jr Once Called 'Captain America' Chris Evans A 'Nervous Nelly' Before Attending A Premiere
When Robert Downey Jr Asked Chris Evans To ‘Man Up’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikipedia )

We have all seen the Iron Man and Captain America banter in Marvel’s Avengers movies. There’s not a single time when the two didn’t come at loggerheads. However, in real life too Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans can often be seen joking and mocking each other. However, in one such interview, Robert took a dig at Chris Evans’ nervousness and jokingly called him ‘nervous nelly’. Scroll to watch the video.

Ever since Iron Man and Captain America left the Avengers space from Endgame, the Marvel Universe has not been the same as before! And we fans every now and then create some videos or get clips from their interviews to keep our favourite superheroes alive in our hearts.

The world of Marvel fans is divided into two parts mostly, one supports and loves Chris Evans’s Captain America, and the other is on Robert Downey Jr‘s Iron Man. We have even seen Avengers: Civil War happen. However, in real life, things are not like that. Robert and Chris are very good friends and love each other dearly. In a throwback interview, Robert can be seen mocking Chris for being nervous.

Robert Downey Jr in this throwback video shared by a fan page, ‘cevans.x.captain_rogers’ on Instagram can be heard saying, “Chris Evans is such a nervous nelly. He gets all.. you know he plays a butched guy in the movie. I love Captain America. Hate to say it, I’m not supposed to say it. But I love Chris, I love Captain America. Before the premiere, he is all nervous. We were supposed to drive in the Audi and he would be like bro I don’t know if you should go first or I should go first. I am like ‘man up dude. We gotta go to this premiere together’.”

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