Anthony Mackie Reveals How Matt Damon Spent $3500 On Wine For Christopher Walken (Photo Credit: IMDb & wikipedia)

Matt Damon once splurged $3,500 (£2,500) on a special case of red wine to impress Christopher Walken at a house party, according to mutual friend Anthony Mackie.


The Avengers star reveals Damon was desperate to hang out with Walken when he discovered Mackie was working with the Hollywood icon on Broadway play A Behanding in Spokane back in 2010.


Mackie recalled, “We’re doing (A) Behanding in Spokane, and Matt Damon is like, ‘Yo, you’re doing a show with Chris Walken, you’ve gotta bring him to my house. I’m inviting a bunch of people to my house, I’ll send you a car. You’ve got to get Chris Walken in the car and bring him to my place.'”

“I think it was the championship (American football) game, or a big fight, it was some big sporting event,” Mackie shared on the Life is Short podcast with Justin Long. “I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll figure it out.’

“I’m talking to Chris all through the show, so when the show wraps, I’m like, ‘Yo, Chris, my man Matt’s having a little get-together at his spot. You wanna go?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, I’ll go, I’ll go. I’m not doing anything.’ I was, ‘Alright. What do you drink?’ He’s like, ‘Tell him I drink Opus One’ – it’s this red wine blend from Napa, it’s like $500 a bottle!”

He relayed the information to his The Adjustment Bureau co-star Damon, who rushed out to stock up on the pricey drink at his local Manhattan liquor store – but was unable to provide any form of identification when he paid the $3,500 (£2520) with a cheque.

“Matt at this time, I think he had a Bourne movie or something coming out, so he looks at the Entertainment Weekly (magazine) and he’s on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and he’s like, ‘Here’s your f**king ID!’ and he takes the case (of wine) and runs (home)…,” laughed Mackie.

“He’s just thrown down $3,500 in liquor, and he’s like, ‘Is Chris coming? I’ll go pay him (liquor store owner) tomorrow, it’s fine!'”

Walken showed up with Mackie as hoped, and the party was one to remember.

“Oh man, it was a night of all nights. It was hilarious,” Mackie said. “If you have red wine, he’s there chilling all night! It was the funniest.”

Damon has yet to comment on the funny anecdote, but Mackie insists it’s all true.

“If you interview Matt Damon and he says this story is not true, he’s a f**king liar!” he quipped. (MT/WNWC/LOT)

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