When BTS’ Jungkook Got Injured While Saving An Emcee’s Life, But Continued Performing Fire
Did You Know? BTS’ Jungkook Once Saved An Emcee’s Life & Then Performed With An Injured Shoulder!(Pic Credit: Instagram/bts.jungkook)

Korean boy band BTS has millions of fans across the globe and it is all thanks to their chartbuster songs, stellar performances, amazing personalities and never failing the ARMY. While they are in the news as their track ‘Butter’ is the most downloaded song in the US & their Instagram posts, we take you to 2016 when Jungkook saved a life.

Formed in 2010, the Bangtan Boys consist of seven singers Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Since they became a band the group has performed at several shows and concerts, including the 2016 DMC Festival. And here’s where the singer saved a life.



As reported by Indian Express, this incident took place during the 2016 DMC Festival where television personality Kim Sung Joo was hosting the event, moments before BTS performed Fire. For their performance, the singers were to be individually launched onto the stage via a lift. Unaware that the lifts had been lowered already – creating holes in the stage, Kim fell directly onto Jungkook’s lift.

While such a fall could have led to some serious repercussions, Jungkook caught him just in time. The BTS singer saved Kim Sung Joo from sustaining any serious injuries and the television personality is thankful for the same. In fact, he even once said that he hasn’t forgotten it and says thank you to him every time he meets the boy band.

Talking about the same, in a video shared by Project: Love Bangtan on Youtube, Kim Sung Joo said, “Jungkook has saved me once. I almost got killed at that time, but Jungkook saved me. At the concert, BTS was the next number after me. They were going to be appeared on the stage from the lift which was deep down low already.” He added, “After I fell, I noticed that I fell on someone. And that was Jungkook. Everytime when I see BTS, I say Thank You.”

Check out the video here:

However, Jungkook didn’t walk away quite unscratched. The ARMY were soon to note that the singer was struggling to lift his arm during the performance of Fire. This indicated that he might have injured his arm or shoulder while saving Kim Sung Joo. Yet, he performed Fire with equal gusto and energy, leaving ARMY rather emotional, and making us fall in love with him once more.

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