"Welcome to Sweetie Pie's" Star Tim Norman Gets Arrested For Conspiring To Kill His Nephew
“Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” Star Tim Norman Gets Arrested For Conspiring To Kill His Nephew

James Timothy Norman aka Tim Norman who is known for “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s” is facing federal charges alleging his involvement in the involvement in the murder of his teenage nephew Andre Montgomery in 2016. He got arrested on Tuesday. Read the article to know the full story.


Tim, 41, is the son of the legendary restaurant owner Robbie Montgomery. He was arrested from his home in Jackson, Mississippi on Tuesday Morning.


According to Riverfronttimes, “Norman, who starred with his family in the show Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s, had feuded with his mother over money in recent years after she sued him for opening restaurants under the Sweetie Pie’s brand without her permission, according to court records.”

The report added, “It was a messy, public spat, but federal authorities say Norman executed a far more sinister conspiracy to have his teenage nephew killed in 2016. According to the criminal complaint unsealed today, Norman had taken out $450,000 in life insurance policies on Andre Montgomery in 2014, and he was the sole beneficiary.”

Tim Norman used to live in Los Angeles in 2016. As per the phone records obtained by investigators Norman and a Memphis-based dancer named Teria Ellis went to St. Louis and communicated over burner phones.

Ellis contacted Andre Montgomery and sent him her Instagram handle. She even texted him that she would be visiting St. Louis. As per court records, she wrote to him in an email on March 10, 2016, “I’m on my way in town.” After three days Norman flew to St. Louis and stayed in Park Plaza hotel.

As per the criminal complaint, “Despite being at the scene of Montgomery’s murder at 8:02pm, ELLIS’s first phone call was not to the police, but rather to [NORMAN] at 8:03 p.m., at which time her phone location data showed she was driving in a direction consistent with her returning home in Memphis, Tennessee.”

In the days following the murder, Ellis deposited over $9,000 in cash into various bank accounts. Tim Norman contacted the insurance company after a week to claim for the insurance money.

St. Louis police and the FBI are investigating the case.

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