“Tom Cruise Has Been Doing The Same Effing Part For 35 Years, I’ve Got No Respect For That,” Once Said The Iron Man 2 Star Mickey Rourke

Iron Man 2 actor Mickey Rourke is not impressed by Tom Cruise's body of work & shares his unfiltered opinions about Cruise. Read on

When Iron Man 2 Actor Mickey Rourke Insulted Tom Cruise By Claiming Having No Respect For The Actor Despite Giving Multiple Blockbusters
When Iron Man 2 Actor Mickey Rourke Insulted Tom Cruise By Claiming Having No Respect For The Actor Despite Giving Multiple Blockbusters, “The Guy’s Been Doing The Same Effing Part For 35 Years…” (Picture Credit: IMDB)


Tom Cruise is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. He has a string of blockbuster movies that have made him one of the highest-paid and most influential actors in the film industry. However, Iron Man 2 actor Mickey Rourke is not impressed by the Mission Impossible star’s body of work.

Rourke has been a sensation for the media and the popular crowd due to his controversial opinions on all things universal. The actor, known for works like Iron Man 2 and The Rainmaker, once made enough noise in the world to have fallen on the radar of news anchors like Piers Morgan.

During an appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Mickey Rourke spoke about Tom Cruise, Vladimir Putin, the Russia-Ukraine war, canceled culture, and his rocky road to fame. It’s important to note that his contentious views have been a source of concern at a time when the world is already grappling with significant inequalities. However, none of his remarks have triggered as much of a media frenzy and public outcry as those directed at the Top Gun actor.


Mickey Rourke’s scathing monologue on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” had a notable impact on Tom Cruise’s reputation, his meticulously crafted career, and his wide-ranging talents. In this controversial program, the “Iron Man 2” actor did not hold back as he openly shared his unfiltered opinions about Cruise when prompted by Piers Morgan, “When you see someone like Tom Cruise grossing a billion dollars with Top Gun: Maverick, the sequel, 35 years or so after the first one, what do you think of that?”

“That doesn’t mean sh*t to me. The guy’s been doing the same effing part for 35 years. I’ve got no respect for that. I don’t care about money and power. I care about when I watch Al Pacino‘s work and, Chris Walken and De Niro’s early work, and Richard Harris’s work, and Ray Winstone’s work. That’s the kind of actor I want to be like. Monty Clift and Brando back in the day — a lot of guys that just tried to stretch as actors,” Mickey said.

Piers Morgan responded with a pointed question asking, “You don’t think Tom Cruise is a good actor?” The actor promptly replied, “I think he’s irrelevant in my world.” This statement left a significant pause of three seconds, during which Morgan absorbed the impact of his guest’s bold declaration before he humorously interjected, “Fascinating!” and swiftly shifted the conversation away from the topic, making it clear that he held a different perspective.

Watch the video below:

Tom Cruise, a towering figure in the world of cinema, has left an indelible mark on both the front and behind the camera, wielding significant influence within the industry. Born during the golden age of blockbuster films, he single-handedly revitalized the theater culture, which had been losing ground to the fast-paced world of streaming and direct-to-video releases, with the release of his “Top Gun” sequel.

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