The Matrix Co-Director Lilly Wachowski Gets Angry On Elon Musk & Ivanka Trump, Tweets, "F**k Both Of You"
The Matrix Co-Director Lilly Wachowski Gets Angry At Elon Musk & Ivanka Trump, Says, “F**k Both Of You”

All of us have shared memes of “Take the red pill or blue pill” on social media. And now guess what, Elon Musk and Ivanka Trump have started the game. The particular scene in 1999’s The Matrix where Keanu Reeves is given the option to pick one among the two pills became iconic. In the film, while picking the Red pill would mean Keanu’s character coming to know about the truth, picking blue would mean that he will continue to be in the ‘blissful ignorance’.

Now ever since the film has released, the red pill blue pill game has been keeping several people entertained. The memes on social media, of course, took it to another level.



The recent ones to participate in “Take the red pill or blue pill” game are Tesla owner Elon Musk and POTUS’ Senior Advisor Ivanka Trump. It all started when Elon took to Twitter recently and wrote, “Take the red pill” along with a red rose emoticon.

Ivanka joined and responded by saying, “Taken”

Donald Trump Jr. also joined the convo and tweeted, “Welcome”

This not so clear conversation between them triggered a lot of people but guess the co-director of The Matrix Lilly Wachowski couldn’t control her anger and tweeted, “F**k both of you”

Elon Musk has been criticising lockdown extensions recently saying that it affects the economy. He has also threatened to open his factory in California despite the lockdown. It’s being said that Elon’s tweet might be related to his thoughts regarding the lockdown in the US.

What do you think?

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