Tenet: Dimple Kapadia Was Asked To Delete The Photos Of Her Dialogues She Clicked But...
Dimple Kapadia Was Asked To Delete The Photos Of Her Tenet Dialogues That She Clicked

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which is finally releasing in a week in India, has been one of the most awaited movies for so many reasons. Despite all technical criticism of the film, a lot of Nolan fans are waiting for the film. Dimple Kapadia, who will be seen playing an essential role in the movie, has revealed some various interesting anecdotes about shooting with Master Nolan.

One of those anecdotes state how Dimple had this fear of forgetting dialogues, and hence she went ahead to click her script’s pictures to keep it with her in order to memorise it. But she was indeed asked to delete them which she did, but also gave a sassy reply when the film got over.



In her interview with NDTV, Dimple Kapadia said, “So, I saw the lines and I said: ‘Oh my God I’m never going to be able to remember this and it will collapse.’ So, I took lots of photographs of my dialogues. And when I was done, I returned the script and told them honestly that I have taken photographs. They said ‘No, please delete it.’ I said, ‘I will not be able to work at all, because I can’t remember my lines, I needed it, it’s my requirement.’ Then they said ‘Ok we will give it to you’, then I said ‘Ok, fair enough.’ So, I deleted it. Then after the film got over, I told them, ‘Next time, please make sure it’s deleted from the deleted folder as well.’”

She also added, “The first 40 pages just flew over my head, and could not comprehend that I’m an avid reader. So I was like, ‘What’s wrong with me? I read so much so why can’t I understand this?’”

“I thought that there are so many better actors, so why would I get this role but since I have been called, I should just go. I thought I’ll take a photo with Nolan for my nephew Karan. I was not even under pressure because I thought 90 per cent, I won’t get this role,” concluded Dimple Kapadia.

Tenet was slated to release in July this year but got postponed many-a-times due to the ongoing pandemic annoying Christopher Nolan’s fanbase. The film finally scheduled to release on December 4 in India. Apart from Robert Pattinson, John David Washington and Dimple Kapadia, the film also stars Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Caine, Dimple Kapadia, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Clemence Poesy in pivotal roles.

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