Singing Parrot Who Entertains People With Beyonce's Songs At Wildlife Park Goes Viral, Watch Video!
Singing Parrot Who Entertains People With Beyonce’s Songs At Wildlife Park Goes Viral, Watch Video! (Photo Credit – Beyonce/Instagram)

All of us have seen parrots cramming humans word to word. Today is a chance for you to see a parrot singing Beyonce’s song. Yes, that’s not some animation but a reality.


A parrot in a wildlife park is entertaining fans not just with its existence but also with his singing skills. Isn’t that a double treat for its visitors?


According to Fox News, Chico, a 9 YO Yellow-crowned Amazon parrot at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park entertains his visitors every day by singing Beyonce‘s If I Were A Boy. In fact, a video of the parrot singing pop star’s song has gone viral on social media. The most interesting part is that he is not just singing it but totally nailing it. Watch the video below:

Lincolnshire Wildlife Park’s CEO Steve Nichols has been quoted as saying, “After more than 25 years working with these amazing birds, they still never cease to amaze me,”

“Who’d have ever thought that a parrot would cause social distancing problems due to being so popular,” he adds.

Regular visitor Graham Gardner from Boston also said that people can’t get enough of Chico. “People can’t get enough of him, there’s always a line of people waiting to see him – it’s like he’s an actual pop star at times,” he said and added, “He’ll just break into song randomly and it leaves people in hysterics.”

He also said that Chico has got a very good voice. “He’s actually got a very good voice. Maybe Simon Cowell might get in touch, you never know.”

Isn’t that amazing?

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