Sherlock Holmes HATES This Person From The Bottom Of His Heart & NO It's Not Jim Moriarty
Sherlock Holmes HATES This Person From The Bottom Of His Heart & NO It’s Not Jim Moriarty

As Netflix yesterday released the trailer of Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill, it’s trending on the internet like crazy. Today, we are going to tell you a fact from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work on Sherlock Holmes and the person he hated the most and no, it’s not Jim Moriarty.

When we speak and think of Sherlock, there’s just one person you can imagine; who do you think it is? Well, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch, who else. The Doctor Strange actor was so perfect in the series that it’s just impossible to get him out of you head when you speak of this character.

It’s difficult even to imagine that Sherlock Holmes could ever hate someone, isn’t it? People hate him. But no, there’s one person he hated from the bottom of his heart. Can you all guess, who?

It’s Molly Hooper. Never in your wildest dreams, you could have guessed it, but here we are juggling between the fact of how Sherlock can hate Molly. Right?

Well, it’s because Hooper was the most selfless person, Holmes ever came across off. John Watson liked adventure and friendship; Inspector Lestrade gets his cases solved; Mrs Hudson gets protection and Molly Hooper, what does she get?

Nothing. Sherlock Holmes thinks that no one should ever be this selfless like Molly, but can you help it, she has always loved Holmes-like her own and helped him every single time.

For a fact, there are so many pathologists in London, but Sherlock always comes to Molly Hooper and doesn’t know the reason. But Always!

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