At 76, Lin Shaye finds joy in a journey of “self exploration”, with new experiences in Hollywood. The veteran American actress, who has earned the epithet “scream queen” owing to her roles in various horror franchises, has grown more confident on the sets, and says she is “less afraid to offer up ideas and perspective”.


Over the years, Shaye has also learnt the important of silence.

Scream Queen Lin Shaye On Her New Virtue: "I've Learnt To Be Quiet & Listen"
Scream Queen Lin Shaye On Her New Virtue: “I’ve Learnt To Be Quiet & Listen”

“Every experience, every day, of every kind shapes each of us. Trying to make good choices in everything I do, is a goal. Sometimes I make regrettable choice, and they too go into the pot that shapes who we become the next moments! As an artist and as a person I am a product of my choices and the opportunities I have — the ones I say “yes” to — and who knows about the choices we turn down?” Shaye told IANS while reflecting back on her journey in Hollywood.

The actress, who entered the industry in her 30s, says her “confidence as a woman and on set adjusts itself to the situation”.

“I am less afraid to offer up my ideas and perspective, but have also learned it is important to find the ‘right time and opportunity’ to do so. I have learned to ‘be quiet and listen’!! Everyone has something to offer, and your ‘ideas’ are only a part of a very large picture, so matter how urgent they may seem…It is very important to be aware of everyone you are working with, and what they have to offer,” she said.

Asked how has the conversation around gender equality and #Metoo movement changed the industry, Shaye said: “Respect may be one of the key elements on a film set. No matter age, sex, size, shape, gender, a ‘lead’ or a background player. We are all they to do our best and make our contribution. I have always felt that way, and I am shocked when I see otherwise. For those who need ‘to be reminded’ that we are all equal, the ‘awareness’ and conversation has been, and is crucial.”

Her tryst with showbiz started with the role of a prostitute in 1975’s “Hester Street”. Over the last 40 years, Shaye has explored a variety of emotions with her projects, from western, horror, comedy, mystery to drama.

Shaye has made a name for herself in the film, television and theatre circuits. She showed her range as an artiste in projects like “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Amityville: A New Generation”, “Snakes on a Plane”, “Dumb and Dumber”, “Contagion” and as Elise Rainier from the “Insidious” franchise. Her horror offerings brought in fame as well icon tag for her.


What’s the joy of growing up in this industry? “The joys in the industry are many: new people, new stories to tell, new self exploration, and especially the joy of watching fans appreciate what I do,” she explained, going on to sum up her time in showbiz by saying “my journey is filled with good luck, hard work, fearless pursuit and love. I embrace all the recognition and affection I am receiving at this time in my career!”.

She is back to scare people with “The Grudge”, which is a reboot of popular horror series revolving around an ancient spirit of rage which wreaks havoc on lives it comes in contact with. It is revival of Takashi Shimizu’s 2004 horror film “The Grudge”, which was based on his 2002 Japanese horror film “Ju-On”. Sony Pictures Entertainment India released the film in India on January 3.

Talking about the film, she said: “I wanted to do ‘The Grudge’ primarily because of the wonderful script, story and the character of Faith. And Nicolas Pesce, the director is a talented young director, whom I was eager to work with.”

Nicolas Pesce wrote and directed the reboot, with Shaye, Andrea Riseborough, Demian Bichir, John Cho and Jacki Weaver leading the cast.

Shaye has a brief yet impactful role, and she says that she doesn’t fret about the size of the role.

“I was really happy with the way Faith ‘manifested’ her sad story. It does not matter to me the size of a role, ever. Whether a large role or small, if there is a good ‘story’ told, I am happy to tell it,” she said.

The actress feels the story of rage in “The Grudge” is still very relevant.

“The story of ‘rage’ and what it can do to people is always worth investigation to me. Especially now, when unfortunately the world seems to be especially infected by rage,” said the actress, who will also be seen in “Dreamkatcher” and “Insidious: The Dark Realm”.

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