Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman's Dance With His Dog But Apologises Later
Ryan Reynolds Trolls Hugh Jackman’s Dance With His Dog But Apologises Later (Photo Credit – Hugh Jackman/Ryan Reynolds/Getty)

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds should already get the tag of best frenemies to ever exist in the history of cinema. We’ve seen what Ricky Gervais and Steve Carell do at every award ceremony they’re present together.



But, Hugh and Ryan have been rocking their ‘frenemy’ chemistry since years now. Recently, Hugh posted a sweet video on Twitter dancing with his dog. Now, only Ryan could’ve made something hilarious out of this.

Hugh Jackman posted, “Yes… yes I do dance with my costar. #Dali”

To which Ryan Reynolds replied, “What kind of monster puts tap dancing shoes on a dog?”

He completed his joke by adding, “Apologies to Mr Hugh Jackson. When I wrote that I hadn’t yet seen or listened to the video. The dog appears to be dressed normally.”

The fans of both the stars flooded the tweet with their funny reactions. One fan said, “I just made the weirdest laugh noise ever created… I’m not even sure I could ever do it again… Thank you, sir.”

Another added, “If he “dances with his co-stars”, are you sure you still want him in a @Deadpool movie?”

The best one was, a dan demanding YouTube videos featuring both the stars, “Can we just get a f***ING YouTube channel of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman watching internet videos, please?… This has nothing to do with what Hugh Jackman is doing with is “costar”, but like, this needs to happen.”

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