Being Iron Man sure pays well! Robert Downey Jr, the star behind the ‘Avengers’ franchise, earned an eye popping 80 million USD this year. The Forbes’s list of the World’s Highest- Paid Actors puts him on top of the earnings game for a third year in a row.

For an actor who has battled personal crises like drug addiction, and self esteem issues after a spate of flops ten years ago, his comeback is the stuff that movies are made of!

Robert Downey Jr
Robert Downey Jr

Jackie Chan, the perennial superstar, earned the number two spot with 50 Million USD in his kitty this year. Chan appeared in ‘Dragon Blade’ this year, and hit a lifetime low when his son, singer- actor Jaycee Chan was imprisoned on drug charges. He is now released and is reportedly planning to collaborate with his dad.

Vin Diesel, with the blockbuster ‘Furious 7’ in his kitty, comes third in this list at 47 million USD. Bradley Cooper, with 41.5 million USD in earnings, comes fourth. Cooper’s release, ‘Aloha’, performed poorly at the box office. Adam Sandler, the comic star, comes fifth at 41 million USD on the Forbes List.

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