Actor Brad Pitt has come out to defend himself against claims that he helped Hurricane Katrina victims for good press.


Pitt is fighting back against claims made in a class-action lawsuit accusing the actor of only helping out in New Orleans, following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, to secure publicity and good press, reported

According to court documents, Pitt’s legal representatives filed a motion on Monday asking to be removed as a defendant from the lawsuit, which was filed against both the Oscar winner and his charity the Make it Right Foundation.

Brad Pitt defends himself
Post Angelina Jolie Rift, Brad Pitt Gets Tangled In Another Legal Case!

Pitt’s lawyers argue that the lawsuit “does not otherwise contain a single factual allegation that Mr. Pitt made any promise to any putative class member, that he entered any contract with any putative class member, or that he made any misrepresentation to any putative class member”.


Furthermore, the actor’s attorneys claim that, while the class-action lawsuit levels “a myriad of purported wrongful conduct”, the plaintiffs in the suit “do not supply any specific facts indicating that Mr. Pitt was personally involved in any of them”.

The motion comes in response to a recent memorandum filed by the plaintiffs, claiming the actor “gladly accepted responsibility for his personal participation when the publicity was favourable”, reported

Pitt is known for featuring in movies like Snatch and Inglourious Basterds – aired in India on Star Movies Select HD.




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