Paris Hilton Reveals The 2003 S*x Tape Scandal Was The Product Of Her Childhood Trauma
Paris Hilton Reveals The S*x Tape Scandal Was The Product Of Her Childhood Trauma(Photo Credit – Getty Images)


Unlike Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton was one of the famous names in Hollywood even before her s*x tape was released in the public much to her chagrin. Since the incident, people’s perception of the millionaire heiress changed dramatically. She also claimed that she still feels the effect of the scandal.

The American media personality and model has recently revealed her childhood trauma and said that the scandal had a detrimental impact on her life and relationships.


During an interview for the forthcoming CBS Sunday Morning, Paris Hilton claimed that the infamous 2003 s*x tape scandal wouldn’t have occurred if she had not been left feeling lost following her experience of physical and emotional abuse at the residential school in the late ’90s.

The 39-year-old model said, “That would never have happened if I hadn’t gone to that school. When I got out of that school, I was so lost. And then I ended up meeting the person ( ex Rick Salomon) who did that.” Her former boyfriend Solomon had sold the tape titled, 1 Night in Paris, around the time when she was gaining popularity on her reality show, The Simple Life. After the movie was released everything about Hilton’s image changed instantly.

Paris Hilton further said, “I never would have let someone like that in my life if I hadn’t gone through such experiences. And therefore, I would have never put myself in that situation. But I just wanted love so bad. I didn’t really know. I was so naive. And I trusted the wrong person. And that’s something I’ll regret for the rest of my life.”

The model, in a previous interview with the Los Angeles Times, had said that should if something like this happens now there would be less sl*t-shaming and more blame placed on Salomon. She said, “Thank God. Back then, people were acting like I was the bad person or the villain — Today, if that happened, whoever did that to the person would be [vilified].”

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