The much-anticipated Hollywood film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set to release in India much before its’ release in other major markets of the world like USA and China. The film, which is a continuation of Jurassic World (2015), is the fifth installment of the successful Jurassic Park Franchise. While the theatrical trailer met with a good response in India, the audience in the country was quite excited to experience the film in 3D. However, there is a major stiff between the Hollywood studio-Universal Pictures and the Indian Exhibitors taking the 3D share.


While the Indian Exhibitors are not willing to share the 3D glass cost with the producers, the latter want 50% revenue from the 3D glasses as well, since this is the norm followed across the globe. This has resulted in the exhibitor association in India take a unanimous call to not release the film at-all in 3D, although the things might change if the two parties reach a common settlement ground. But as of now, the film will release in India only in 2D. Now coming to the business point of view, the lack of 3D version will definitely take a major dent on the Box-Office collections of the film in India.

No 3D Release for Jurassic World in India – What Collections Can We Now Expect from Opening Day?
No 3D Release For Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom In India– What Collections Can We Now Expect From Opening Day?


From the collections point of views, the biz will be affected by at-least 25 to 30% on the opening day across India in terms of Gross Box-Office. Back in 2015, Jurassic World opened to an average start of Rs 4.75 crores in India, however owing to positive word of mouth, it ended up earning in excess of Rs 90 crores, thereby emerging one of the highest grossing Hollywood film of all time in India. Biz in the opening weekend escalated from Rs 4.75 crores on Friday to Rs 7 crores on Saturday and further to Rs 8.20 crores on Sunday. The film had released in 3D back then and was also benefited a bit by the presence of Irrfan Khan. Had Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom got a proper release in India, the film would have opened in excess of Rs 8 crores at the Box-Office and also stood a change to touch the double digit mark.

However, as of now even the advance booking of the film is yet to begin due to the on-going conflict and the same will also take a dent on collections apart from no 3D release. The Franchise has a loyal following in India and the same should ensure a fair start at the ticket window but much below the general expectations. The day one collections of Jurassic World are expected to fall in the range of Rs 6 crores, but if the film commands a word of mouth similar to the last installment of the film, we can expect fireworks at the Box-Office as the weekend progresses.

Here’s hoping that the exhibitors and studio resolve the difference so that the fans get to experience the film in 3D just like the first part.





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