Michele Morrone Defends 365 Days Amid Charges Of S*x Trafficking & R*pe; Says, “I Trust The Audience To Know That The Movie Is A Fantasy”
Michele Morrone Defends 365 Days Amid Charges Of S*x Trafficking & R*pe; Says, “I Trust The Audience To Know That The Movie Is A Fantasy”(Photo Credit: Instagram/Michele Morrone)

The Polish film, 365 Days that released a while back on Netflix, has women swooning over Massimo Torricelli aka Michele Morrone. But there is an equally big section of the society that has called for a ban on the film accusing it of soft p*rn. There are several who are also accusing the film of promoting S*x Trafficking and r*pe.


Michele Morrone has said that while he understands where these thoughts come from, he has also said that he expects people to understand that the film is a work of fiction. Speaking during one of his latest interviews, the Italian actor said, “I think it’s important to remember that this film is based on a work of fiction. 365 Days was a very successful book in Poland before it was made into a movie. When an audience watches a film, I think they know what they see on screen is not always real, but my job as an actor is to make it feel real, to make you connect to Massimo even though he is a mob boss.”


Speaking to E! News in the same interview, the actor who plays the role of a mob boss in the film further said, “I trust the audience to know that this movie is a fantasy. Sometimes we watch movies and we cheer for the ‘bad guy,’ but we still know he’s a bad guy who is doing bad things, and, of course, this behaviour is completely unacceptable in real life.”

Meanwhile, for those of you unversed, there are several petitions on the internet demanding that the film be taken down from Netflix. Michele Morrone says that though people have not liked the film he is glad that there is a conversation around the film. He further said, “I understand the controversy, and I am glad we are talking about it. I think we have to be careful not to limit art from being created, so I wouldn’t say we shouldn’t allow a fictional movie like this to exist, because then what about films that are about war, crimes, murders, and, yes, celebrated mob movies? This film is not meant to minimize the reality of s*xual violence in the world. I do not want people to think this behaviour is OK. It is not. I think it’s good that the movie is causing people to talk about these issues, so we can create more awareness about them in our society.”

Streaming on Netflix, 365 Days revolves around the life of a mafia boss who captures a woman Laura (played by Anna Maria Sieklucka), who he had seen years ago during his near-death experience. He then kidnaps her and gives her a period of 365 days to fall in love with him. During their stay together he gives her a glimpse of an extravagant lifestyle and also a lot of sadomasochistic s*x.

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