Men In Black UNHEARD Facts: A FRIENDS' Character Playing Will Smith's Role & More
Men In Black UNHEARD Facts: A FRIENDS’ Character Playing Will Smith’s Role & More

All the 90s kids in India have grown up with an aspiration of becoming a ‘Man In Black’, thanks to Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones’ buddy-sci-fi-comedy Men In Black. We all have grown up with Men In Black being an integral part of our phase of transitioning into liking Hollywood movies.

Let us take you through some unknown facts about the franchise:

When Sonnenfeld Called Tommy Lee Jones A ‘Jerk’!

Barry Sonnenfeld who directed the film, somewhere before the shooting start had this notion of Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) having anger issues. Before him, the studio was planning to get on board with the director Les Mayfield and actor Chris O’Donnell was to do Will Smith’s role. Sonnenfeld in a conversation with Entertainment Weekly had said, “I saw Tommy do a TV interview a few years ago, and he was so mean I remember thinking, ‘Thank god I never have to work with this jerk.’ But I ended up loving every minute of it. He can be difficult if you don’t have clear opinions, but we got along extraordinarily well.”

Men In Black Exists?

The uber-cool dangerous world shown in the film by the makers is been believed to be true by many out there. They believe there are men wearing Black suits, erasing other people’s memory to accomplish space missions. Author Albert K. Bender once claimed on Slate, “he was visited by three men in dark suits who threatened him with imprisonment if he continued his inquiries into UFOs.”

Men In Black 3 Was Imagined By Will Smith Before Even Men In Black 2 Finished

While shooting for Men In Black 2, Will Smith was so engaged in a story that he already had an idea about what should happen in Men In Black 3. While talking to CNN, Sonnenfeld revealed the idea that Will gave for Part 3, “At the beginning, something has happened and Agent Kay is missing and I have to go back to the past to go try to save young Agent Kay. In doing so, I and the audience find out all sorts of secrets about the world that we didn’t even know were out there.” Director, to all of this, just said, “Can we just finish this one?” A decade later, Men In Black 3 released and revolved around a similar plot.

Frank The Pug Has A Website Dedicated To His Name

Remember Frank the Pug from the film? He did receive quite a VIP treatment in real life as the sequel required more of him. Frank’s real name is Mushu and his owner said, “I saw an ad in the paper and bought Mushu for just a few hundred dollars. He travels by crate in business class with Cristie [the trainer]. He goes under the seat. He stays in the hotel room with her, sleeps on her bed. She orders his meals from room service: steak, chicken. He drinks only bottled water when he’s on the road. He’s a VIP!” A website dedicated to him talks about how Pugs aren’t an easy watch.

A FRIENDS’ character?

Not just Chris O’Donnell but David Schwimmer (Ross from FRIENDS) was also considered to rope in for Will Smith’s role. Nothing got finalised and we saw Will finally taking up the deserving role. We can’t even imagine David being Agent J. Though he’s an amazing actor, there can be no Agent J apart from Will Smith.

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