Model-actress Lisa Haydon will soon be seen in DJ-producer Zaeden’s video “Tempted to touch”.


Zaeden, whose real name is Sahil Sharma, has come out with the audio of official remake of the 2004 track “Tempted to touch”, by Rupee, on Spinnin Records.

Lisa Haydon to feature in music video by Zaeden
Lisa Haydon To Feature In A Music Video By Zaeden

“This track has been on my playlist since I was a teenager making music out of my bedroom. Rupee and his team trusted in my vision so I started working on the track almost three years ago,” Zaeden said in a statement to IANS.


“The video will feature Lisa Haydon and will be shot in New Delhi and Mumbai this month. Rupee is also expected to visit India around the same time.”

Rupert Clarke, known by his stage name Rupee, feels humbled by the fact that “Tempted to touch” is still a massive tune for worldwide.

“It has become an immortal classic. Zaeden and his team’s energy, humility, insight and spirit definitely struck a positive chord with me and I echoed these sentiments to my team.

“After a lot of hard work from both the parties, we are blessed to have finally reached a destination of incredible musical ingredients, added to a working formula,” he added.

Zaeden is known for his remixes of “Magic” by Coldplay, “Don’t wanna know” and “Animals” by Maroon 5 and “Love yourself” by Justin Bieber and originals “Never let you go” and “Yesterday”.




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