Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Movie Happening For Real On Netflix? Here's The Truth
Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Movie Happening For Real On Netflix? Here’s The Truth(Pic credit – KUWTK/ Instagram )

The reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians is going to end soon, came as a shock for all its loyal fans. The show which went on for 14 years garnered immense popularity and made the Kardijenners one of the biggest and most famous celebrities. Recently the family issued a statement revealing that Season 20, which airs in early 2021 is going to mark the end of the popular reality show.

Even though this news devastated their millions of fans worldwide, a top branding expert believes there is plenty of reason to believe the show is not dead. We are sure that after reading this all you fans must have got excited.

According to reports in Hollywood Life, the branding expert on talking about Keeping Up With The Kardashians said, “They have a unique audience because of the ages of all the family members they cut across many different generations, so there will be demand. For many people around the world, these are family members at this point, and they have a deep connection to them.”

The Brand management expert Eric Schiffer believes that the show could still go on and net the family a massive payday at Netflix. He further revealed, “You could end up seeing Keeping Up With The Kardashians: The Movie. You could end up seeing a documentary that they release about their life over the next year. They will find a way to stay relevant and tell their stories through another production, that they can also control, that would allow people to spend time with them and connect with them emotionally.”

Not only does the chairman of the Los Angeles based firm Reputation Management Consultants believe the Kardashians will remain on our screens, but he also thinks they could end up with a Netflix deal even bigger than the one Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just made. Which means Keeping Up With The Kardashians isn’t going away from our lives anytime soon.

“They easily could go that direction. Reality TV is hot, especially on Netflix and Kris Jenner, who is very savvy, is aware of their value. She can take the brand to Netflix, and I’m sure Netflix would sign. When you’ve got Prince Harry and Meghan Markle making $155 million over five years, why can’t the Kardashians make $200 million over five years,” asked Eric.

Now, this is really exciting news for all the Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans. What are your thoughts on this?

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