James Cameron Reveals His Future Avatar Sequels To Have 'Windtraders' After Forest, Water & Fire Tribes?
James Cameron Reveals Another New Tribe In The Avatar Sequels(Photo Credit –Instagram/Poster From Avatar)

James Cameron broke records with his Avatar in 2009, and after over a decade, the director arrived with its sequel Avatar: The Way of Water, which once again broke several since its release last year. Cameron once again delivered an extraordinary experience to the cinema-going people with its exceptional visuals. After Avatar 2 was released, there has been renewed excitement among fans, who are waiting to find out about the upcoming parts.

The first part of the film followed the story of the Na’vi tribe, who lived in the forest, and Avatar 2 featured a community of people who lived along the coasts. There were reports that the third part would feature the Ash people of Pandora, who belong to the fire tribe, and now Cameron has hinted about the tribes that people will get to witness in the future parts.



As per a report in Screenrant, the franchise production designers Ben Proctor and Dylan Cole, in an interview with the Deadline, teased that another new Na’vi tribe known as the Windtraders will be introduced in the upcoming sequels of Avatar. James Cameron, without revealing too many details, spoke about what the fans could expect from the future sequels of the film.

James Cameron said, “There’s rainforest, there’s arctic, there’s desert, there’s oceans, all those different biomes and all the creatures and cultures. Not only did we have to do creature design, but we had to do cultural design and imagining what these different Na’vi adaptations to these different biomes might look like. Desert people, the Windtraders that travel around, that sort of thing.” It is truly hard to contain the excitement after this!

Previously, it was revealed that the Ash people, that is, the fire tribe, will have a darker shade in contrast of what we’ve seen in Avatar 1 & 2. As per the report, Game Of Thrones actor Oona Chaplin has been reportedly roped in for the third part of Avatar.

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