Iron Man As 'Hyped Up Elon Musk', Doctor Strange Not Informing About Coronavirus, A Twitter User Gets BRUTALLY Honest About The Avengers
Iron Man As ‘Hyped Up Elon Musk’, Doctor Strange Not Informing About Coronavirus, A Twitter User Gets BRUTALLY Honest About The Avengers

It’s one year to Avengers: Endgame this month but have you ever thought Iron Man as a ‘hyped up Elon Musk’, or why Doctor Strange didn’t inform us about Coronavirus if he really saw the 14 million futures? A Twitter user has just dropped a bomb on the millions of Marvel fans across the world and they don’t seem to be mad about it.


SunTzilla recently wrapped up watching all the films in the MCU and has presented his brutally honest opinion about every superhero in the series. His initial tweet was, “Just finished watching all the films in the MCU on Disney + here is my analysis of all the heroes.”

Let’s take a look at his very honest opinions about our very own Avengers and also Thanos:

Captain America

“Self righteous know it all who only has any powers because they injected him with steroids.”

Captain Marvel

“Type of person that waits until a problem has gotten out of hand before offering any help so they can look like a hero. Where was she when Thanos first landed on earth? out in space twerking for Aliens.”

The Incredible Hulk

“Typical meathead that has no technique when it comes to fighting. Anybody with basic BJJ skills could probably beat him in a fight.”


“Didn’t even bother calling his earth girlfriend when he came to visit to help the Avengers fight Loki.

He probably got hoes all over the galaxy he is the superhero version of the rapper Future, a true leader in the field of Toxic masculinity.”


“Type of guy that will suggest doing some crimes together then snitch when you get caught. Tekashi 69 of the MCU.”

Iron Man

“Wishes he was Batman so bad but has no hand to hand combat skills. Can’t do anything if his suit runs out of batteries, just a hyped-up Elon Musk.”


Black Panther

“Got beat up by his cousin and on top of that he opened up Wakanda to the Americans. Bro, you really think a dude who named himself ‘Captain America’ is not going to colonise you and steal your vibranium at the first opportunity? Dumb guy.”

Black Widow

“A prime example of how below average white people are able to secure high ranking positions. She got in the Avengers because she knows a bit of karate.”

Hawk Eye

“Bro must have walked off the Lord Of The rings set and into the wrong franchise because how you trying to fight aliens with a bow and arrow?”

Nick Fury

“Type of boss that makes you come into work during coronavirus even though you aren’t a key worker.”

Dr Strange

“Mf viewed 14 million futures and didn’t think it would be a good idea to tell us about coronavirus.”


“The idiot knew where the soul stone was the whole time, instead of using it to amass an army of killer zombies for when Thanos eventually comes she’s keeping secrets. Dead because of lack of preparation.”

Peter Quill

“Mf needs to update his playlist, he still listening to music from the 1970s. If he was listening to Future he wouldn’t have got emotional and they would have beat Thanos in Infinity War.”


“Doesn’t talk a lot. I respect that.”


“A true G, you just know he was out doing robberies in his black air forces before all that Guardian of the galaxy nonsense.”


“All he had to do was enter Thanos’s ass and expand and that would have killed him. Tony Stark died because he didn’t take one for the team.”


“The guy was clearly a bit crazy but at least he wasn’t racist. He was an equal opportunity genocidal maniac. Anyone can get it.”


“Hustled the white man out the top position, the first black Captain America. Dr Umar Johnson would be proud.”


“One of the most powerful characters in the MCU but still caused half the population of the earth to get snapped because she was in a relationship with a red mac book pro. Proof that women are crazy.”


“How can I forget Spiderman you ask? Probably because he was forgettable. Can’t take a boy who almost got killed by a special effects artist seriously. Mysterious only power was photoshop.”

Isn’t this HILARIOUS? It’s like revisiting your favourite films but with a different mindset. Once you read this, all those films will never be the same for you. Let us know in the comments section below, which has been your favourite from the above.

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