Ashley Tisdale On Public Scrutiny Over Getting A Nose Job!
Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About Backlash Over Nose Job 15 Years Ago!(Pic credit – Getty Image )

We will always remember Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans from High School Musical. She was stylish, sassy and the woman of our dreams! Due to health issues, the beauty decided to get a nose job done almost 15 years ago. However, she received massive backlash and faced scrutiny over the same. The actress is now opening up all about it.

For the unversed, it was back in 2007 when Ashley went under the knife. It was due to health issues as she almost couldn’t breathe through her right nose. But owing to the stigma, she was made to go through a traumatic experience.



Ashley Tisdale opened up about it on her the official website of her lifestyle brand Freshe. The High School Musical beauty shared that she felt triggered when she was asked about a nose job in a recent interview. She began, “I didn’t do this because I believe in plastic surgery. I did this to help my health. I literally almost could not breathe out of the right side of my nose.”

The actress claims that he wounds have been reopened. Ashley Tisdale added, “To be clear, it was not about changing my appearance. It wasn’t a big deal to me nor was it like I was dreaming of the day I’d get a nose job. On the other hand, I have ZERO judgment towards anyone who does look forward to that day—your body, your choice.”

She continued, “Plastic surgery wasn’t culturally accepted then like it is now. When I got it done I was scrutinized, judged, and made to feel ashamed over my decision. I made a decision that was no one’s business (and is STILL no one’s business) and for that decision, I was constantly made to feel bad about it.”

Ashley Tisdale concluded her note by adding she hopes her baby does not get judged if she makes similar decisions!

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