The much-anticipated sequel of Lego Movie which was not just critically acclaimed but a global box office phenomenon The Lego Movie 2 is all set to release in India on February 8, 2019.


Although a fully standalone adventure, this sequel builds on the existing narrative from the original “The LEGO Movie”. The film reunites the eclectic gang of LEGO, the heroes of Bricksburg in an all-new action-packed adventure to save their beloved city. Let’s take you through 37 unknown facts about the film.

● The number of sugars Emmet takes in his coffee: 25. With “just a touch” of cream.

● The number of sugars Lucy takes in her coffee: Zero. Lucy takes her coffee black.

● Emmet and Lucy’s dream house has a TV room, trampoline room, fireman’s pole, waterslide, climbing bars, double-decker porch swing, and a room just for eating waffles.

● In 1997, writer/producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller met director Mike Mitchellwhen they moved into an office he had just vacated. When Mitchell returned to collect some of his things which Phil recalls as being a boom box and a Hank Williams CD they started talking and discovered how much they had in common creatively.

● Stephanie Beatriz (General Mayhem) has a tiny scar on her eyebrow from falling in her room, as a child, to avoid stepping on a LEGO environment she had built on the floor.

● The new movie’s collection of songs include two different versions of the original hit “Everything is Awesome.”

● The shapeshifting Queen Watevra Wa’Nabi changes into 40 distinctly different looks.

● The film’s colour palette uses 76 official LEGO colours, including unique materials such as transparent and glitter bricks.

From 523 Unique Characters To 3433 Brick Types Used: 37 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Lego Movie 2

● There’s a new LEGO colour for 2019 that appears in the movie, called Vibrant Coral.

● Total number of unique characters in the film: 523

● Unique props are seen in the film: 1011

● Unique LEGO brick types used in the film: 3433

● Unique LEGO models used to create the film: 6530

● Biggest LEGO character (largest number of bricks): MetalBeard, 251

● Biggest Single LEGO model: Megabash, approximately 9 feet by 9 feet by 18

● Biggest LEGO landscape: wasteland: citadel freeway, approximately 476 feet by 182 feet

● Biggest number of polygons in a shot: 1,248,968,392,251

● The biggest number of lights in a shot: 42,315

● The biggest number of bricks in a shot: 161,737,777

● Most elements in 1 set: combined worlds (5201 items)

● The total number of LEGO bricks to bring the film’s unique characters to life at once. If they were all lined up in a row, this is how many bricks you’d be looking at – 2672


● Number of glitter pieces in Sweet Mayhem’s wings: 835


● Number of glitter pieces in Balthazar’s cape: 3,993

● Number of glitter pieces in Balthazar’s hair: 1,107

● Number of hairs on Unikitty’s boa: 143,109

● Total grains of sand in Apocalypseburg: 49,496,833

● The size of the Apocalypseburg wasteland: 238,353 feet long and 114,5669 feet wide

● Largest brick explosion in the film: 1.5 million bricks

● The asteroids that Rex and Emmet fly through are all randomly generated and made of bricks. On some film frames, there are more than 400 asteroids and 20 million bricks.

● The largest piece of fabric used in the movie: 39 feet. This is used as the water surrounding General Mayhem’s landing of her ship, the Formidaball, at the Queen’s palace.

● The opening shot of Bricksburg includes 120,884 pedestrians, 1,438 vehicles, a jet, a biplane and a helicopter. Combined, that’s the entire population of Fargo, North Dakota.

● The height of the Queen’s giant cake: 11.7 feet

● The total number of LEGO bricks at the DUPLO Sorting Site: 11.7 million. Its total diameter is nearly 260 feet or the size of an average baseball field.

● Total number of brick piles: 134

● Number of sorting bins: 106

● Largest single pile: 15.4 feet, more than the average height of a building floor

● Number of ships in the armada at the end of the film: 36

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