Ezra Miller Now Accused Of Many Things Including Walking Around With Gun & Bullet Proof Vest
Ezra Miller Has Been Amid Controversies For A While Now(Photo Credit–Imdb)

There is nothing that can be compared to the absurdity that the Ezra Miller row is witnessing right now. The actor who is all set to play Barry Allen aka Flash in his DCEU standalone movie is immersed head-deep in controversies and there is no way you aren’t aware of it. After being arrested earlier this year, and what followed, it looks like a can of some weird worms has opened up and there are only surprising updates coming out of it.

Ezra was first arrested on March 27 on charges of misconduct and harassment. A Hawaiian couple got a restraining order against the Flash star after he broke into their apartment and threatened them and stole many things. They were back behind the bars in April after a complaint of second-degree assault. Turns out that is not where the weird stories end.

Now as per a new report, it is being said that Ezra Miller travels around with a gun and a bulletproof jacket as fears that the FBI and KKK is behind them. If that wasn’t enough, there are updates that he legit led a cult for two months, and even tried convincing non-binary folks and some women to isolate themselves from their families. Read on to know more.

As per a new report in We Got This Covered, a portal spoke to 14 people who have been interacting or have interacted with Ezra Miller. They have claimed that the actor has frightening emotional outbursts and has lost his touch with reality. As per some source, The Flash star carries a gun and a bulletproof vest as they are worried that Ku Klux Klan and the FBI are behind them. This is in reference to the video they made against the KKK.

If that is not enough an insider claims that Ezra Miller was running a cult from a rented airbnb for at last two months. The report also says that they tried to convince “impressionable young women and nonbinary people” and try to “isolate them” from their families and loved ones. He is even accused of grooming minors and trying to have s*xual relationships with them.

There is no confirmation or proof on the same, but with everything going around Ezra Miller, this has definitely stirred a storm. Meanwhile, Warner Bros is hell-bent on releasing The Flash next year regardless of the controversies around their leading man.

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