Does Angelina Jolie Want A Solo Spin-Off For Thena From Eternals?
Angelina Jolie Made Her MCU Debut As Thena, The Goddess Of War In Eternals(Pic Credit: Movie Still)

Eternals is definitely the most trending thing on the globe as we speak. The negative reviews versus the positive welcome from the audience is a debate that has caught the attention. Rotten tomatoes is kind of a war ground now. But while all that exist, the movie is a magnum opus that has given the Marvel Cinematic Universe a revamped look like never before. Chloé Zhao with a team including likes of Angelina Jolie has created a true ‘marvel’.


Starring Jolie alongside Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Kit Harington, Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, and a few more for the first time, Eternals tells the story of the celestials who have been missing from the timeline for a while. The movie travels 7000 years back and we see the creation of these beings and their journey to earth and task of saving it.


By far the biggest name to enter the MCU, Angelina Jolie, who makes her Marvel debut, plays Thena, the Goddess Of War in Chloé Zhao’s directorial Eternals. Her character is the most melancholic one and pressurised under memory as vast as 7000 years. She gets the most heroic of the folklores to her name, but is helpless and vulnerable in the present. Internet was quick to march for a standalone Thena movie in no time.

But does Angelina Jolie want a spin-off for Eternals’ Thena? Well, she doesn’t. In her latest chat as per We Got This Covered, she has made it clear that she wants to work with the entire team of the Chloé Zhao directorial, which she now calls a family.

“I loved being part of the family, so I have no desire to separate from the family. But I would be happy to play her again and explore even more deeply the struggles that she has. I think it’s fun thinking of where they’ve been over the years. We’ve got thousands of years worth of material. We can take her anywhere. I think that’s fun and I like the idea that we can pop up somewhere, maybe in other Marvel movies,” Angelina Jolie said.

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